Am I The Only One…

Am in a pickle and I don’t exactly know how to get out of. See am currently paused in Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson. Because Paul came back and started a chain reaction of bad news. So where am at will be very drama based and am not ready for it. Especially since the book has done so good until this point with cuteness that you can only find in a contemporary. This book and I are at a standstill at 77%. BOOO!

The same with Winter by Marissa Meyers but for a total different reason. I don’t want this series to end. With the whole gang and finally seeing Levanna get taken down. Plus I have Fairest and Stars Above to read. However this story has so much character development and humor that I don’t want it to end. So am currently 43% done with this book and even though I can read by three different formats I just can’t.

And to keep reading during these standstills I’ve tired reading other books which brings my total 9 current reads. Does anyone have this problem where emotions on every part of the scale determine how your reading go. I hope this doesn’t last long because I really want to finish Unexpected Everything at least by the end of the month. Winter though I can be in denial a little longer.

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