Weekly A+E Haul

This is a spin off on the weekly wrap up and so instead of it will be my kindle buys and audible buys. Because I buy to many in a week and this is me documenting my obsession.

So the week of 8-15 this is what I brought.

Kindle books:


 Benjamin of Thomes made me and that’s about it.


A book that I have wanted since it first come out and I got it thanks to amazon deal.

  I love collecting her books one day I’ll read more than The Madman’s Daughter.

Audible buys:


A time traveling book that I have been want to read forever. (LISTENED)

Last book and I needed to know.

 I’ve heard so much about this book in the past week so it peaked my interest.


 A zombie book that I need to get to soon.


 I’ve heard this book is funny and so I’ve been really wanting to get into this series.


 Got this for a book club read let’s see if I’ll actual get around to reading it.


a children book that I’ve always been somewhat wanted to read.


 I have been wanting to get into more WW2 books and so other than buying the paperback I can listen to it as well.

And this is how my e book/ audible collection got this week. It isn’t as bad as my other weeks however will see how next week goes.

2 thoughts on “Weekly A+E Haul

  1. Rook was a pretty good one. I read it last year and it was nice to read a fun YA that wasn’t a series to keep up with!

    I have heard good things about Water Knife too.

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