REVIEW: Unexpected Everything

Author: Morgan Matson

Page Count: 519

Format: Hardback

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Rating: 4/5


Andie Walker is a planner and has rules set thats shes followed forever. However the summer before her senior year everything changed. From her intership getting taken at the last minute. To her politician  dad being home more often and taking an interest in her life. To her summer job walking dogs. To Clark who becomes a exception to all the rules she’s every made for herself. This is a summer that will change everything.

  My First Thoughts:

 I loved this book even if it didn’t get full rating like her other books. However there is a reason but first. This story has many parts one being about the relationship between the Walkers. Andie and her father had a close relationship once upon a time but since he’s always gone doing political things not so much. However when a scandal against Mr. Walker comes up in the beginning that keeps him around for the summer. Then there is the romance which was one of the cutest things. Andie have so many rules when it comes to guys that when it came to Clark it was different from the beginning. I loved Clark he was awkward and sometimes said things that he should have thought through. However he was a nerdy boy who writes books yes please. And lastly and the biggest part of the book is the friendships. There is four best friends (which am including Tom) who’ve known each other for year.They all have a unique personality and all are skilled at something. Plus I love how they welcome Clark in and him and Tom grow a bromance. It was fun watching them interact and that know it each other so well. However we learn in these book that even friendships that’s been built forever can go through some unexpected changes. Andie wasn’t my favorite main character though she did have her moments.

Let’s get the painful part done.

I didn’t overly like Andie mostly because she is in her head to much. Andie is such a little planner that when things go ‘unexpectly’ she has mini freak outs. Also it doesn’t help her make the wisest decisions. However I will say for her that she bounces back pretty will. Like how she got a job dog walking when she really didn’t want to. Instead fell in love with it and changed her future plans because of it. So by the end Andie learn to deal with things even when thrown curve balls. Also something I didn’t overly like was the whole Wyatt and Tobi thing. You’re telling me that Wyatt didn’t know that Tobi was crushing on him hard. She pretty much threw herself at him. Because if everyone else around them can see it and he can that just makes Wyatt a not so nice word. Also Peter is a bad omen to me. When he came back into the picture I knew it was going to downhill from there and I was right.

And back to the good parts.

Other than those things I really loved this book. I have tabbed the crap out of it of some of my favorite things. For example:

The bet between Tobi and Palmer.

The dogs with their many personality especially Bertie.

                     The group text messages.

                     Seeing old faces from Morgan Matson’s other books.

                     To Mr. Walkers sense of humor was on point. (and that’s to name a few)

This book is based in the same place as Since You’ve Been Gone which I didn’t connect to until the mention of the Orchids came up. I made a happy sound at this. I know that I gave some hate to this book however I love Morgan Matson books and can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.

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