REVIEW: Ruby Red

Author: Kerstin Gier

Series: Precious Stone Trilogy-1

Format: overdrive audible

Publisher: henry holt

Rating: 4/5

Summary: Charlotte is not only the prettiest but was supposed to be the Shepherds time-travel the ruby. However the truth is its her more clumsy, talk to ghost and gargoyles younger cousin Gwyneth. The truth is that both cousins where born on the same day, and Gwyneth’s mother hid this fact to keep her out of the time-traveling society. Now Gwyneth has to play catch up and figure out what to believe and not to.                                                     


Okay this story was a bit of a quick read. It seemed to get all information dumpy and getting to know the characters. So action and then the epilogue. I enjoyed the book for the most part I liked how because Gwyneth grew up knowing about time-traveling that she didn’t freak out about it. That was her mothers job. Also that Gwyneth knew that she wasn’t the best at things however had people around her that could help her with it. Gwen’s crew (a bunch of lovable side characters):

Her siblings Nick and Carolina who where good for spying.
Mr. Bernard who is the man servant who knows the ins and outs of the house.
Lesley one of my favorite characters and Gwen’s best friend. She knows about traveling and looks up information when Gwen is being left in the dark.
Great Aunt Maddy is my favorite as well since she can see visions and may be a little crazy which she uses to her advantage when needed.
James the ghost who doesn’t believe he’s dead. He is old and proper and stays outside the school.
I didn’t like how people treated Gwyneth after they found out she could travel. Especially that of her cousin and aunt. I get that Charlotte was supposed to be the family traveler and it was a major blow to her to find out she isn’t. However she didn’t have to be so mean to Gwyneth about it since its not like she knew that she was one. Yet Charlotte and he mother was total bullies to Gwyneth and keep bringing up her downfalls.

Another thing I didn’t get was the romance. Its between Gwyneth and Gideon another time-traveler who like Charlotte has been studying to be a traveler since he was small. Now being paired up Gwyneth he was not okay with for most of the book and then he is. The thing I don’t get is the ending because it seemed to come out of nowhere. I just didn’t get how fast that got developed without realizing they where at that point.


The time-traveling is interesting. Except for two facts that one you have to give blood. Only a drop but still don’t like it. Also you can’t be to far from the device that lets them travel. So the only travel you’ll ever get is from traveling through a  little device. Also if your not careful you could travel at anytime and stay there for a while. Just pay attention to the dizziness and the stomach dropping feeling.

How the book ended I needed the next book because it happened so suddenly. You should give this book a try if you like time-traveling and interesting time zones. Also watching Gwen start to adapt to this new life is an adventure in itself.

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