Chaos/Wonderment in Death

Author: J.D. Robb

Series: in death #33.5/41.5

Chaos in Death:

Its a Jackal and Mr. Hyde type of story. Some green skinned, red eyed thing is going around killing people. Though Eve Dallas doesn’t believe in such a thing eye witness and a video of these creature is hard to not believe it.

Wonderment in Death:

Alice and Wonderland themed story. Thanks to good friends of Eve Dallas she has to look at the death of the Fitzwilliams siblings. All evident shows that the sister killed her brother then herself. But as Eve digs deeper she finds out that not all is what it appears.

My thoughts:

the novellas to me are always to short compared to full books, but I do enjoy them. Out of the two I think Wonderment was my favorite because of two things. More of my favorite characters where present. Plus the whole delusions of Wonderland is a drug cocktail that both Peabody and Eve had a whiff of. Its always funny to see both girls drugged out. In Chaos when the whole Jackal and Mr. Hyde came around to listen to the transformation was cool. And as a bonus Roarke got to punch it out.

All in all I listened to these for a read a thon because who has book less than three hundred pages (not me). Also I miss the series and want the next book sooner than later.

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