AUDIO REVIEW: The BFG by Roald Dahl


While reading the BFG I had to keep reminding myself that this is a children’s book. Also I keep thinking how they will make this book into a movie. It should be interesting to see events of the book come out in movie format.
Anyway parts that I liked:
-I enjoyed the BFG I listened to this book and for some reason to me the BFG sounded like Hagrid from Harry Potter. Though the BFG and Hagrid are different in so many ways. Also he couldn’t speak like Sophie could because he taught himself. So he has some words that he made up that are sometimes hard to know. However he is also the runt of the other giants and a dream collector. So instead of eating the children he gives them good dreams.
-I also loved the relationship between Sophie and the BFG. They are both pretty much loners one being an outcast among his peers and Sophie being an orphan. They both hate what the other giants are doing and so make plans on stopping them once and all.
Things  I didn’t like:
-Because I listened to this by audible not only did I have the narrator but also sound effects. Some where fine however some I was just went yuck.
-Also I had a problem with the end like I said I had to remind myself this is a children’s book but come on. I liked Sophie’s plan of having the BFG make a nightmare of what the other giants did at night. However how calm the queen and the servant and such bugged me. Instead they make a giant size things so that he can eat breakfast with the queen. If giants where real that is not how a person would act friendly or not.

-Now on to the other giants which are described as ugly so if I see the movie not looking forward to that. There are nine of them and they each have weird names like Fleshlumpeater, Bonecruncher, or Bloodbottler. They are all great bullies who pick on the BFG relentlessly however when the chance comes up BFG get them back.


I enjoyed this book and want to more from Roald Dalf other than this book and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Like Matilda, and The Witches which both have movies out that I’ve seen but never read. If you want to jump back into your inner child then try this book out. Then if you enjoy it you can see it on the screen.

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