Audible Review: Harry Potter 1&2

I have a different relationship with Harry Potter then some people. When the movies came out my mom, brother (who read the books as they came out), and I would go see them. I’ve only read the third book and after seeing part 1 of the last movie read the whole book. That’s it. I grew up on the movies ignoring the books. Don’t ask why because I really don’t know but now I really wish I read them before.
The reason being although I know the storyline from watching the Harry Potter movies I forgot how much more you get by reading the books. And I learned that lesson by listening to the first two Sorcerers Stone and Chambers of Secrets.

Like how character dialogues go with the movies however told by someone different. Or events happen but not with the same cast of characters. It confused the heck out of me where I thought I was remembering wrong. Apparently though it was just changed from the book. I still loved the book as a whole because it gives me background and more information that I missed the first time around. And I serious bummed about it. I love how Neville is more in certain events then I first thought. Or how everyone really become friends. It’s very interesting to go back and see it this way the way J.K. Rowling meant for it.

The audible itself was enjoyable except so ways the author said things like Harry when a character is exaggerating got overused in my opinion. Or how they made Hermione sound whiny. I don’t know if I would have gotten the same vibe if I read it, but I just didn’t like it. Also every time Snape talked I would miss Alan Rickman because to me he was the prefect Snape.

All in all I want to keep listening to the rest of Harry Potter because I get through them quickly and though I don’t like everything that narrator does I enjoy him as a whole. Now I can’t watch a movie before watching the movie because I just can’t. However watching the adaptation I look out for what was changed and I talk about it. I really wish I could back and read it with when my mom and brother read it. However I still love the movies and the memories with them. So I guess I’ll just make new ones.

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