Audible Haul





So this is my biggest audible haul of these year and I love it. Listening to books have pretty much been my favorite format at the moment so I collect a lot of them. Here is the 32 audible books I’ve brought in June..




Audible has deals like e books that I can’t always resist but also they have this buy three credits for 30 something dollars which I use a lot. I have found audible as a trade off when I don’t want to listen to music but still want to listen to something. Being if am out shopping with my mom, or cleaning at my work. I just play a book and try to keep my face expression not to extreme because bring that out of me. Also in the middle of July am going on vacation so listening to some books will make the long car ride more enjoyable.

Now all is left is my book haul which is pretty big one and am waiting for one book to come before posting it. I brought it in June so it will be in my June haul that’s if it every show up.


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