Ebook haul (because I can’t stop)

It’s crazy how much I spend on ebooks. Here are the 34 books I got  so far…

Fun times I have read 6 out of 34  thanks to buying the audible. So yeah here is my ebook haul that is only part one because it’s still the beginning of the month. 

Also am going on vacation these coming week and super excited. Am going back to my hometown to visit family. Audible is going to be my go to for books since am not bringing any physical. 

So yeah just a little update and how am spending my week. Happy Reading all. 

8 thoughts on “Ebook haul (because I can’t stop)

  1. Lol that is a lot of books! Just curious, how many do you typically end up reading of what you buy? I know I tend to buy a bunch of books and then get distracted and read something else so the ones that I just bought end up languishing on the shelf.

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