Audible Mini Reviews on Helena Hunting Books

I went on a bit of a marathon of Helena Hunting books. It’s in the order that they were read and have a short summary and what I thought. All these where audible listens and all pretty quick story wise.

1.PUCKED (Nathan Everett & Muffy Newton) 10hrs. and 48 mins

Alex and Violet had an attraction since they first laid eyes on each other at one of his hockey games and it’s been intense ever since. I love Violet and her no filter personality that you don’t know what’s about to come out of her mouth. Then there’s Alex who’s a hockey player with a cute accident. The humor and drama made me continue on the series for I really enjoyed all the characters.

PUCKED UP (Joe Arden) 11hrs and 18mins

Miller (Buck) and Sunshine (Sunny). Buck has been known to sleep around however that changed when he meets his team mates little sister Sunny. Then Buck had a whole new relationship to try on. Sunny has to learn if she can trust Buck and not the pictures she sees on the internet about him.This one was weird because it was never put in Sunny’s POV. The rest of the series is in duel POV and yet this one was left out. I enjoyed Sunny for she’s a total a hippy who says things that would make people uncomfortable. Then there is Buck who is trying to change for Sunny but that isn’t always that easy. It was plenty of ups and downs in their relationships with totally unnecessary drama and making up. It was one roller-coaster that I probably shouldn’t have enjoyed but did.

PUCKED OVER (Rose Dioro & Jacob Morgan) 10hrs 37mins

Randy and Lily. They ended with a misunderstanding that had them stop talking. Until they meet back up at one of his games and decided to go the sex with no strings attached. Living in two countries and trying to make time to hook up. Makes the no string harder than they both thought. I love Randy he is such a big kid that makes me just want to cuddle him. While Lily is someone that just been in a long relationship that she knew wasn’t going anywhere. When they came together Randy became horny dog while being protective over Lily. It was a pain while also really sweet.

FOREVER PUCKED (Emily C. Michaels & Jeremy York) 10hrs and 10mins

Alex and Violet have been engaged for a while and though Violet wants to marry Alex with both their mother planning their big day gives her hives. Violet has been keep putting everything off until an accident with Alex makes Violet rethink putting it off.

(I liked how Helena had written about my favorite sport Hockey, had some really interesting characters. Plus, she played off some other words then pucked. Now all I need is a Lance and Tasha because even though Lance is noticed as a player he’s loyal and needs Tasha in his life. That’s all I ask.)

THE LIBRARIAN PRINCIPLE (Maxine Mitchell) 10hrs and 52 mins

I have a very meh view on this book. The characters where okay but I didn’t really get behind nor really cared. I was pretty much seeing if anything would happen if they were found out. However, nothing really happened. Not if you count the stalker which didn’t go anywhere. Some humor but wasn’t enough and though I finished it it was my least favorite out of this marathon.

CLIPPED WINGS (Elizabeth Louise & Jason Carpenter) 12hrs and 29mins INKED ARMOR 11hrs and 10 mins

Hayden and Tenley both broken people who are trying to find peace with the stuff they’ve been through. This duology was interesting in the friendship between the main and secondary characters. This wasn’t just about the romance it was more about closer, finding peace, and have good friends that are supportive. This duology was a good wrap up to Helena Hunting marathon I had while I was road tripping.

So the only book I didn’t like is THE LIBRARIAN PRINCIPLE which out of seven books isn’t bad at all. If you want to try her books out start with either Pucked or Clipped Wings both where really good and I recommend them.

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