JULY: Reading Wrap Up

12 books. Somehow I got through 12 books granted mostly where by audio but still. I also started and finished some series so here we go.

Playing for Keep by R.L. Mathewson 3/5

Honeymoon from Hell vol.1 by R.L. Mathewson 3/5

Perfection by R.L. Mathewson 3/5

All three books are part of the neighbor from hell and for the most part I enjoyed them. I did have some issues like how the males thinks to highly of themselves. I did enjoy  the fact that all Bradford’s males have major appetites which lead to really funny moments.

(I had a bit of a Helena Hunting kick reading a total of 8 in total)

Pucked Series by Helena Hunting

I loved all the books in this 4 books series. All the characters where interesting and their male leads where interesting as well. I mostly laughed thanks to Violet never having a filter and just feel in love with these books. I will say though for anyone getting into the series there is plenty of sex just a warning.


The Librarian Principle by Helena Hunting

This was my least favorite book of the month. It was just meh all the way through. Didn’t really care for the main characters, but enjoyed the side characters more. The humor was also something that helped this book but didn’t carry it.


Clipped Wings duology by Helena Hunting

I really enjoyed this duo and was happy to learn that it wasn’t all about the romance. It also had heartbreak, great lost, forgiveness, friendship, along with the romance. So glad I wrapped up my Helena Hunting kick with this book.


Between the Cracks by Helena Hunting 4/5

this is a novella to Chris and his romance with Sarah along with dealing with the drama from Clipped Wings ending brought. I loved this for the fact Chris finally got the girl he has been trying to get. On the other hand Hayden is a total train wreak. Of the drama.


The Book of Life by Deborah Harkness 5/5

I finished this trilogy and wasn’t disappointed. So glad I sucked it up and read this even if I didn’t want to end and my feelings where going crazy. Can’t wait to see what this author comes out with next.


There you have it I read 3 novellas and 9 books thanks to audible and kindle. I was traveling in the middle of July so am very happy how my month turned out.

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