Book Review: Alcatraz Venus the Evil Librarian

Author: Brandon Sanderson

Series: Alcatraz-1

Genre: middle school/fantasy/YA/humor

Format: Audible from Overdrive

Rating: 5/5

This is my first Brandon Sanderson book and I finished this book in one day, because its really good book. This is  about a 13 foster boy Alcatraz who on his birthday gets a gift form his parents. One that apparently contain his inheritance that end up being sand. With the gift brings so unexpected surprise is gets introduced to his Grandpa Smedry, cousins, and some evil people called Librarians. Now Alcatraz is on a adventure to recollect his inheritance from the Librarian and understand what it means to be Smedry.
I love Alcatraz and how sarcastic and how he breaks into the story to tell us why he wrote what he did. I also love how he doesn’t claim himself a hero, or a good guy. Alcatraz has a bad habit of breaking things which apparently is a gift then anything else. So now Alcatraz is on a adventure with his unknown family to stop the Librarians from taking over and learning to control his talent.

I listened to this via audiobook which is such a great experience, because Charlie McWade brings all the witty characters to life for me. All the side characters keep the story interest along with their schemes. Slowly learning there stories is interesting and makes me love them more. Also for how short this book that there is mystery and adventure which makes me excited for the next book more.I loved this first book and it took me by surprise. I don’t always read middle grade however this one I will be continue. It also helps that the audio was only 6 hours which meant I could finish it in one day.

So now onto the next book am so going to be marathoning  this series I just know it. Which is funny since I have so many other series I need to start/continue/or finish. However no regrets

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