2 Mini Reviews: Alcatraz (book 2) & Infinite (book 3)

Since these are later on books and I don’t want to spoil I decided to put them together in one easy review.

ALCATRAZ VENUS THE SCRIVENER’S BONES by Brandon Sanderson (Alcatraz-2)


I highly enjoyed this second book. I missed Grandpa Smedry since it was missing for majorly of the book. Which is why Alcatraz along with some new family members, along with Bastille with her mother. Along with that we have more Smedry talents which just seem more and more ridicules. But I love meeting these Oculator’s and seeing what there talent really is.

Am also glad to learn that Alcatraz is not as dumb as he seemed at first. He does have his momens were he says stupid things where Bastille loves to point out to him. However in this book there was plenty of puzzle like situation that he figured out. Along with that we get introduced to a new character that I don’t think I’ll like much.
excited for the next book and ready to see Smedry’s home base. Something I can look for to is finding more oculator’s, along with some hire dark Oculator hit man, and great humor. From Alcatraz cutting in with side commentary to the characters.

INFINITE by Jodi Meadows (book 3 Newsouls)

I give the whole series a 5 stars.

The whole trilogy makes me smile. The character growth especially Ana. I love how she went from a person who didn’t trust people thanks to her upbringing. To following in love  and making friends. Another great thing about this book is that there isn’t a love triangle. It has mystery, adventure, along with mystic creatures. This book was more dark then the other two books with heartbreaking deaths. It hurts because you’ve had two books ahead of this one to fall in love with them then gone. Also there was a lot of ups and downs in Sam and Ana’s relationship. However they just grown from that and I really really want a Sam in my life.

The ending was really satisfying, and glad that I finally got to the end. It ended where I wanted to and excited for other books by Jodi Meadows.

I loved both books and recommended to read both series. Until next time book friends happy reading.

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