REVIEW: City in Ember

Author: Stacey Marie Brown

Series: Collectors-1

Format: Audible/11hrs 3mins

this book is just what I needed. It had my hate/starting to like/to starting to feel something for the other kind a book. I loved Ryker and Zoe’s relationship. They had a strong dislike for each other but as the traveled together they grew to respect each other. Oh and the chemistry is so hot that I just wanted them to at least kiss once. However with the fact they are in love with other people while a monkey sprite interrupted them 99 percent of the time. They meet by accident which left to so disasterous results. Now Ryker is without his fae powers which have somehow gotten into Zoe. Plus all Seattle has no, and the gang groups have increased. The old secret government agency that Zoe worked for is after her, while Ryder is being tracked by a powerful fae that he went back on a deal with. and to top it all off they both hate each others species. Sounds like a good beginning of great adventure with loads of sarcasm.

Other than my love for Ryker and Zoe as characters I have to say Sprig the monkey sprite is my favorite little fae ever. He made me laugh out loud by the things he says because apparently sprites tell how they feel. He also loves Pan his stuff goat and anything honey flavored. He is a funny relief to a stressful situation.

The story itself was a story of a man hunt with different parties looking for Ryker and Zoe. While they try to keep ahead of everyone who is chasing them. there also  trying to figure out a mystery left by Zoe’s old partner.

The audible book was narrated by Amy Landon and she just helped me make this a quick listen which I highly liked. She tells the story well and bring the characters to life then I couldn’t stop.

I loved everything about this book and can’t wait to get into the rest of the series. Stacey Marie Brown has a great way of bring slow burn love, sarcastic characters with strong personality. Also taking the a journey where they have to watch there backs.

5/5- with a Highly recommend please check out her books

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