Author: Lauren Blakely

Series: Caught Up in Love-1

Format: kindle

Page Count:260

Rating: 2 (Okay)

This story was just okay with things I couldn’t get behind. So before the rant start lets get into what this story is about.

We follow Kat and Bryan who were summer time couple until Bryan broke up with her without a reason. So flash forward 5 years later and Kat is attending NYU for business classes to help grow her business for her jewelry line My Favorite Mistakes. Well one requirement for graduation is to have a mentor from a another business show you how the process works, and who does Kat get will her ex Bryan of course.

So Let me just say I didn’t overly liked Kat and Bryan together however I did like them separate. They are both smart and started there businesses from scratch.  Kat didn’t just want to grow her business to be rich but to help her family out on there failing store. Plus Bryan is one of those bosses that know all his employees by name along with there families. So he is not that bad of a guy. My problem was when they were together as a couple instead of a mentor to student. The few side character made up for my dislike for the two main characters.
The business aspect of it as Kat is learning how things are done on a bigger scale was interesting. both make there business with trinkets and recycled stuff. Making old things have a new purpose which I can totally get behind.
The Big rub I had about this book is the relationship. So 5 years ago they had to be in a secret relationship because 1) he was friends with her brother. 2) there is a three years age difference. So they kept in themselves. 5 years later they are back to a secret relationship for 1) the mentor/student thing 2) there is a scandal at Bryans business so he cant risk it. Its a repeat relationship that doesn’t make sense.
Also Kat started fooling around with him before she knew why he broke up with her in the first place. Which I would think that she would want to know before getting involved with him again. Kat was just to quick to me to let go her angry at  him and back into wanting him. The fact that it took him taking off his shirt for her to get back with him just bugs me.

Lastly the whole reason Bryan broke up with her didn’t get mentioned until I got  77%  done. After all the kissing and phone sex they been having before this.  I don’t know if it is my non romantic heart but the whole thing didn’t make sense and backwards.
This was such a downer for I read to other books by this author and really enjoyed them. That doesn’t mean I wont keep reading her books because I will be slowly collecting them. Buy this book was not for me.

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