Book Review: The Cuckoo’s Calling

AUTHOR: Robert Galbraith

SERIES: Cormoran Strike-1

NARRATED: Robert Glenister

LENGTH: 15h 54m



Cormoran Strike just got out of an unstable relationship, sleeping in his office, and is close to losing his job. That was until John Bristow came to him hoping that Strike will find out if his sister actually killed herself. So now with his Temp Robin Ellacott, Strike has to dig into the life of Lula Landry and her fashion lifestyle.


Cormoran Strike isn’t some hot P.I  instead he is described as a heavy set man who lost his leg in the war. Now out Strike uses his mind to solve cases from all kind of clients. The way he writes everything down and jus see things in different way is cool. Strike is  very detailed person and knows how to ask the right question and how to ask them.

I liked Robin Ellacott for the fact though she knows she’s not getting paid what she should, or that her fiancé hates her temp job. She keeps doing it. Not in spite but because she loves to work on cases and help solve it.

Strike and Robin together make a great team. And they make a fun team fort they don’t ask much of each other. Yes there are arguments between the two or they know when the other and don’t want to talk. They respect each other give each other space and work on it out.

The mystery itself was fun because I kept guessing who it was but was wrong every time. Especially the motive which now that I’ve think about it makes more sense and just loved how this book ended. Plus in was in London, England which is a place I’ve been so I see some of it since Strike walks everywhere.


I agree that listening to it is a really good choice because its fun to hear all the voices. Plus I got through this book faster than if I try to read the physical copy. For warn though this is a long book and you will feel it. Yet the steps in finding the answers was a fun time.


The one and only problem I had was that there seemed to extra information that dragged the story a bit. I get why most of it was there as backstory and inner thoughts of the characters. On the other hand though it got confusing and took me to remember what am acting hearing.


I loved the friendship between Strike and Robin and think they play off each other great. The mystery of finding the truth about Lula and how her death came to be was just a really good mystery story.  So give it a chance and let me know what you think. And if you have read this book gush to me what you thought. Me I’ll be continuing on with Silkworm now thanks to it being on Overdrive in audio format. 🙂

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