Author: Robert Galbraith

Series: Cormoran Strike-2

Narrated by: Robert Glenister

Format: audible by Overdrive

Length: 17hrs & 22mins.

Rating: 4/5

OMG enjoyed the heck out of this second book. Still in love with Strike and Robin but have grown to dislike Mathew much more than the first book. I loved how Strike stuck to his guns even if its a chance to ruin a friendship and a lighter paycheck. Also Robin has more backbone then I thought she did. She didn’t bow down to Mathew even though he hated her new job, and Strike has the habits of a grumpy bear. She can handle it as well as this case. This was interesting for the fact that Robin was out in the field more. To see the bad cop and good cop was fun. Can’t wait for Robin to train more to be more involved in other cases.

the case was supposed to be a simply find a missing author Owen Quine however it didn’t turn out to be that simply. Now with the cops looking in the wrong place and only his instinct to guide him. Strike and Robin dig deep into the last book Quine  wrote which shows the uglier side of the people around him.

I love listening to the audio version because I love the voice that Robert Glenister brings to Comoran Strike character. Plus since this book is a bit length and little blah in parts listening to it makes the experience quicker. Plus this book is 17hrs 22 mins long by listening and it was just fun that you forgot the length.

Other than Mathew acting the way he did plus the whole Charlotte thing. I really love how these book was brought together because I can never figure out who what or why. Which makes it a really good mystery to me. Now onto Career of Evil.

2 thoughts on “AUDIBLE REVIEW: The Silkworm

    • Am glad am not the only one who has a strong dislike for Matthew. Being a jealous twit is not a good trait to have. I really can’t wait to get into Career of Evil to see what comes next. 🙂

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