Audible Review: Coraline

Author: Neil Gaiman

Genre: YA/Fantasy

Format: audible by overdrive

Length: 3hrs/36mins

Rating: 3.5/5

Had to watch the movie after finishing the book to see how different things actual where. Come to find out not much was that different to me. Coraline is still an explore who found a hidden passageway that leads to a place where she isn’t ignored by her parents or neighbors getting her name wrong. This new world that looked like her home but with more magic and saractic talking cat. Coraline soon finds out however that this wasn’t as prefect as she was made to believe.

However there are some differences..
Like Wybie isn’t in the book.
Plus the dolls never was a thing.
The wonderments all but one is the same.
Plus the ending was a little different and am okay with it.

Also the reason I give it such a middle rating is because I’ve seen the movie enough times to know what was happening. If I read the book before the movie ever came out it would probably be different. But as it stands I did enjoy reading the book of the story I’ve already seen.

Other than that I also enjoyed the audio book of these because it was narrated by Neil Gaiman. Also it was short and creepy especially since it had voices saying rhymes. This is a good Halloween book that am glad I got to it this year. Plus these is officially my first Neil Gaiman and will be reading some other of his work.

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