Author: Cary Elwes, Joe Layden
Rating: 5/5
Format/length: audio book/ 7 hrs & 1 min
This book made my heart happy. I love the movie of The Princess Bride so to see the back story of how it was made was a treat. Also as a cherry on top Cary Elwes aka Wesley narrators along with some of the other actors and actresses who played some of my favorite characters. Plus the author William Goldman, producer Norman Lear, and director Rob Reiner. So i totally recommend listening to it because it was a fun experience.
So the whole book is around how the Princess Bride became a movie. Which was a long process that took years to come together. The script for it was written by the author however it was passed through so many movie studios. Every time it was pretty much a done deal it was taken back multiply times. To hear how pretty much the whole cast has read the book as children, and all had a connection to making it a great movie was sweet. They talk about how the story moved them, and it being one of their most memorable book. To know how the director and producer  hand picked and traveled to talked and interviewed each of them. To the funny behind the scenes and hidden secrets about the movie. Like now i love the sword fight knowing what those two men went through.  Just made me want to read/watch the movie, because though i have seen the movie more than a hand full of times I’ve never read the book. Which is something am going to fix sooner than later.
If you plan to read this which this is so made for Princess Bride fans. Listen to the audio book because it was emotion in that shows how much the film meant to everyone involved. Even if you’ve never read or seen the movie this is a great biography that will probably make you want to get into either the book or movie. You listen to their insecurities about their acting and how they feel like they could be replace. Since for most this is there first big production it was hard for them not be scared that what they were doing is not enough.
I didn’t expect much from these since I don’t read biography however this was about one of my favorite movie and told by the people behind it being made and who stared in it. I will say though i probably wouldn’t have read this if I didn’t listen to it first. However I will be getting the book as soon as possible to put in my collection.

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