Book Review: Gemina

Authors: Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff
Format: audio/kindle
Instead of a mad computer system we get assassins trying to hide what happened in the first book. Plus parasite worms instead of  zombie people.Now its like hide and seek extreme because the assassin’s if they find they kill. With the added players who like to cheat and use the air ducks to get around. Along with the twist in the book that kept the story going.
Both main characters Hanna and Nik reminds me a lot of Kady and Ezra from Illuminae. Both Kady and Hanna are smart cookies while there male love interest are comedy types. However there are differences which gave the book a new look.
     Hanna wasn’t what I expected at first because she was a spoiled rich girl. However I didn’t think about the fact that Hana does have some fight in her. Thanks to her father who is a military man and is captain of the Heimdall Jump Station. Very quickly you learn that Hanna isn’t someone you take lightly. Which the assassins quickly learned and tried to best her. 
     Then there’s Nik who is from a drug family who deals drugs and can get things on the ship without notice for a price. I just loved Nik and how he reminds me of Ezra who hides being scared behind humor. Nik is a family guy even if he’s not like his family. He does have his more serious moments and come up with some bright ideas. When not thinking of bacon (would get if read the book if not then read to find out).
     Ella was the one character i was most worried for through the entire book. for the simply fact that she is a side character and by reading Illuminae I was worried. She is the tech girl on the Himdall who is also the cousin of Ezra. Ella has such a smart mouth for someone who grew up in a gang its not that hard to expect. 
I loved this book however I couldn’t give it 5 stars like I did Illuminae. My problem is that though some of the book was different there was some parallel moments. However, I still really enjoyed it and found it addicting to know what was happening.The end makes me really excited to know how the third book is  going to be set up. Now we have two groups up against Bio Tech and I can’t wait to see what the next book has to offer in a ending, If you haven’t read Illuminae give it a try there both really good as audio with the different POV’s voices. Plus it makes it really quick read even for it being over 500 pages. 

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