Author: Devon McCormack

Format: Kindle

Page Count: 304

Summary: Its about a total player NFL player Tad Roarke who came out as a gay male and is getting death letters. Which his father and manger bring in Agent Bryce Finnegan who just got out of a undercover that went bad. Neither man wants to be in this situation, but decide to let it work. Neither thought it was becoming more than a working relationship but it did which lead to more drama.


I really enjoyed this m/m storyline. There is no cheating though there is a ex that likes to be snobby when Tad runs into him. Also other than the drama of the mystery of who is killing outed gay people. Its pretty much who is going to break first with Tad and Bryce.

Tad is one of those how is shown in the media isn’t true, but he also didn’t try and tell the truth so it doesn’t help his image. Then there’s Bryce who just wants a desk job but now have to get used to body guarding a guy like Tad. However as the relationship grows into something Bryce is pushed into a life that he was not made for.

I like how realistic this book got. With the tension between Tad and his dad where Tad calls him by his first name. Then there is the fact that both Tad and Bryce have so many baggage that they helped each other.

For side characters Darren was my favorite though I feel like he was short changed a bit. He just wanted someone for himself and it didn’t happen which was heartbreaking. Also Tad’s dad was a hard ass who doesn’t seem to care for his son. However he does love him though he doesn’t always show it.

So other than a working on feeling both men have to deal with football season, backstabbing, being shot at, and adapting. I just simply loved this book and happy that I read this. I got this through kindle unlimited for free and if you want to try it out and have unlimited please give it a shot.

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