Kindle Review:Counting Daisies

Author: Nicola Haken

Series: the counting-1

Format: kindle

Page Count: 376

Rating: 5/5

Summary:Dylan Roberts and Cameron O’Neil were good kids. Growing up together, they shared everything. By the age of fourteen they were more than best friends – they were in love. They dreamt of their future, of success, marriage…happiness. They were going to grow old by each other’s side.
But… “Kids are stupid.”
When tragic circumstances forced them apart, Dylan discovered that life wasn’t the fairytale he dreamed of; it was dark, difficult, saturated with pain and shame. Life wasn’t meant to be enjoyed, merely survived, but even that became a challenge.
Damaged, worthless, and disgusting, he saw no point to his pitiful existence…
Until he came face to face with the boy he used to love.
Successful, honourable, and happy, Cameron had achieved the future they planned. He was good, positive, popular…everything Dylan would never be. What would happen if Dylan let him back into his world? Would he destroy Cameron too? Would his poison push him away like everyone else?
“Everybody leaves.”
“They leave or they die.”
But what if…what if Cameron didn’t?-goodreads

My Thoughts: Oh Cameron and Dylan was just perfect even though it wasn’t closed to that. For fourteen years they were unseparated as best friends and couple. That was until another tragic hit Dylan and he was taken in foster care without saying goodbye to Cameron or no where he was going.

16 years later…

Cameron has become a chef like he always wanted to be and owns a restaurant. Now he’s very successful doing the job he loves and being around good friends. Dylan on the other hand couldn’t deal with his problems anymore with people keep leaving. So he got into drugs to forget, but that lead to stealing, lying, and selling himself to other men. So now they meet up again to different people then they used to be and its no picnic.

So now they have to deal with trying to be Cameron and Dylan again with all the baggage that was brought into the relationship. With Dylan having cravings to stopping, then relapsing and everything in between. That’s what I loved most on how real the story was and didn’t treat his heroin addiction as something that’s a quick fix. Its something he’ll always have the cravings and he’s working through it.

There should be more to this series especially if it involves Derek and Paul get together. I love there relationship in these book and how much sexual tension is between the two. If Nicola Haken does write another book PLEASE let it being them getting together.

So there is some drama and struggles which was handled the correct way for what was happening. The friendships and support system was beautiful to see and am glad that Nicola Haken didn’t shy away from it.

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