Audible Review: Beautiful by Christina Lauren 

Series: beautiful bastard-5

Format/length: audible/10hrs & 7mins

Publisher: Gallery Books

Rating: 5/5


OH, AND A LOT OF WINE.(which is all you really need to know about the going into this finale book).-Goodreads

My Pros:

-it was a road trip where they went around drinking wine.

-All the characters from the other four books was in here. Although it was more forced on Neil/Ruby, Will/Hanna, along with Jensen and Pippa. There is Max/Sarah and Chloe/Bennet however they don’t go on the road trip, but their there in spirit through group text.

-I loved Pippa and Jensen how there so opposite but so good together. Pippa (who I kept calling Pippa Pig in my head) is a free spirit who you never knew what would come out of his mouth. Then Jensen the men who works to much and was tricked by his sister to go on the trip.

-If anyone have read the rest of the series knows that coming to this book what you might expect from both Sarah and Chloe. However there personalities did a totally freaky Friday thing and it was awesome.

-Pippa’s family her mum’s, and grandfather. They weren’t in it much but when they were they didn’t feel like unnecessary characters. They brought wisdom that was needed for Pippa, and just make my heart full.

-So the surprise in the second place they went on there wine adventure probably shouldn’t have been much a surprise to me. For the fact that it kept being mentioned and it was a thing that needed to happen so that Jensen can grow.

-The epilogues because its a ending for all my characters. It was such a sweet endings and just made me love this series even more.

-Listen to this series on audiobook. Because I marathon the series and love how there are different narrators for each character. The humor and everything comes out so well with each new person and makes me happy.

My WTF Moment:Okay so in the epilogues George gets his own ending. I didn’t expect it and bummed that there isn’t an actual book just for him. Yes it made me happy but I would loved to see his romance unfold a little more than a few pages.
Other than that I love this book and can’t wait to read anything else by Christina Lauren. Because I love her characters the humor she brings to them, and overall storyline.

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