2017 Revolutions Goals

This is a bit late but here is the goals I set myself. Hopefully I can complete all if not all but all of these would be fun. So here it is and lets go…

  1. Read 100 books. I did this last year so am hoping to get to do it again in 2017.
  2. Read all the preorders I have for this coming year. Also it would be nice to get some of 2016 reads since I’d only read maybe a hand count of them.
  3. Complete the Around the Year in 52 Book. To do this I need to make sure that I read at least two a month.
  4. Each month I want to try and read a series/trilogy/or duo. Or at least start or continue and remember to keep up.
  5. Review each of my books. Either writing it down or on goodreads right after I finish. Because then I won’t have a bunch to do at once.
  6. Also, to go with the last one note taking. I really want to start annotating inside my books marking parts I loved and favorite quotes.
  7. I need to read more from my TBR piles. They are all in the triple digits. As recent I don’t have my books so collecting kindle books have gone a little crazy. Now I have all these digital books that I really need to get through. I don’t have a number to g
  8. Speaking of buying I really need to be my picky in what I buy. Especially when it comes to eBooks. So, I want to keep going with the books that I know I want to read sooner than much later.

This maybe a flop because am never good at remembering goals set for myself until the last minute. So wish me luck and lets kick 2017 butt.

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