Audible Review:We Should Hangout Sometimes

Author: Josh Sundquist

Narrated by Josh Sundquist

Format: audible

Length: 6/4

Rating: 3/5


This is his true story on how for 25 years Josh has been single and his journey on figuring out what went wrong. Josh has different situations with girls where it didn’t work out for one reason or another. It went by introduction of the girl and how he knows them. How it went wrong. Then Josh meeting up with them to try, and figure out what happened. It went to awkward to growing slowly for Josh at each discovery.

My Thoughts:

I listened to this book, and listening to Josh tells his story is like being at party and just talking about the bumps of relationships. Josh is a smart nerd that has a disability. However Josh is a regular guy who loves science and math. Though I’ve never been good at math/science or loss a body part. I can connect to him in his struggle to connecting to people.

So the story itself was pretty quick and felt like it was just  a bunch of short stories rolled into one. Which if that’s what Josh wanted it points to him. Other than that its pretty much about the past and then present time. Its a memoir so I guess this is how there written which is something am not used to.

The ending was cute if not a little rushed. However am glad to have listened to Josh’s story and can’t wait for more of his books in the future.

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