Audible Review: The Problem with Forever

Author:  Jennifer L. Armentrout

Narrated by: Amy Landon

length: 14 hours

Rating: 5/5


I really enjoy Jennifer L. Armentrout books and her newest book didn’t disappoint. We are introduced to Mallory “Mouse” Dodge who grew up in a foster home where keeping her mouth shut was the way to survive. Now years later getting out of that situation and adapted by nice people she’s learned to move on. In that process Mallory wants to go from homeschooling to public school. Which is new experience and unexpected to find his foster friend Rider Stark.

I really like Mallory because she been through a lot as a kid and wants to try to move on. Which she does slowly by going to public school for the first time. By going to public speaking class though she doesnt like to talk in front of people. Baby steps is the name of the game and I enjoyed watching Mallory making them.

Rider is the bad boy who took being in the same situation a little differently. He doesn’t let anyone in really though he will be there when his friends need him. Also his home life has changed to a t good home even if he doesn’t call it home. When they meet up again in class first there is shock of course. They haven’t seen each other since they were kids. Then Rider’s is little protective of Mallory which doesn’t help his girlfriend from liking Malory at all.

Speaking of side characters.

I loved the brothers Hector and Jayden. Especially Jayden he was Mallory’s first friend beside Rider. Yes he had some problems that his big brother Hector try to help him through. Hector is over protective of Jayden however he had good reason and was sweet. Paige can  be a ghetto bitch (pardon my language), but she does have reason. Also even though she gives Mallory lots of grief over Rider I did like her in the end. She is a harsh person but she doesn’t sugar coat things which I can respect.

Plus Mallory’s adopted parents who where there after she was taken out of that bad environment. They been through somethings before meeting Mallory which may have tired into there overprotective instinct with Mallory. They were really good people who let Mallory experience things like going to school or going out with friends. Even if it made them nerves wreaks as most parents would be.

The Romance..

I liked it for the fact to me it didn’t seem to rushed. It could have been annoying with it dragged out with Rider staying with Paige much longer. However I enjoyed the pace and how it developed for the most part.

The Audio version:

I enjoyed listening to it because though it was a 14 hour listen it didn’t fell like it. This is when audiobooks are the best because a book that’s 400+ pages seem like nothing. Amy Landon did a great job of keeping me in the story and enjoy it where I finished it in three days.

I loved this book and  it took me to long to get my thoughts about it together to write a review. However its finally done and it may be a little rambled thanks for reading my thoughts.

until next time happy reading everyone..

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