Book Review: Crossroads

Author: Riley Hart

Series: crossroads-1

Genre: m/m romance

Format: kindle book

Page Count: 340

Rating: 5/5

Summary: Nick is a recent divorce who owns his own restaurant While Bryce likes to fix cares while also pretending to be in a fake relationship with his best friend to keep his mother happy. They bounded over a share backyard and being able to become friends. However that changed slowly over the time that they spent together.

I really enjoyed this book. How it started as a friendship first then slowly turned into something else. The humor between Bryce and his family who are laid back and are just great to hangout with.

Bryce and Christi is my favorite friendship. The humor between them and how they get along is just goals. Also Christi herself the way she would tease Bryce by calling Nick the hot next door neighbor. She was a comedy relief that worked for the purpose in this book.

Also I love the sibling on both side of the guys families. How they were supportive, while also being honest about things they didn’t want to hear.

The writing went steady and how the story was told kept me interested which is the reason I finished it in one day.
things that bothered me was the fact that I didn’t always know who’s POV I was in. It took me a bit to figure if Bryce or Nick was talking. Also Nicks mom bothered me in how old fashion she was. She believes that a women’s place is home rising the kids and making the man happy. It bothered me that she thinks so old ways that I couldn’t really like her.
So glad this book makes me smile by how everything started from friendship and realistic in how it was told. Plus this is the first in a series that don’t follow the  Nick and Bryce but am still excited to continue on.

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