Currently Doing a Month Long Read-A-Thon

Am doing the @emjiathon which is hosted by Dylan the Reader on twitter. There are 25 challenges and you only have to finish 4. Each challenge have’s a emoji connected to it and its pretty easy to put any book in each.


  1. read a book about marginalized groups.-Status Update by Annabeth Albert
  2. read a book that was gifted to you.
  3. read a romance/contemporary.
  4. read a book that makes you happy just thinking about it.-Shacking Up by Helena Hunting
  5. read a thriller/horror. You
  6. read a futuristic/sci-fi book. The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet by Becky Chambers
  7. freebie! read any book.
  8. read a 2016-17 release.
  9. read a cry-worthy book.
  10. read a book you’ve been anticipating.-
  11. read a book in under 24 hours.
  12. read a book you’ve seen everywhere.
  13. buddy read a book.
  14. read a book that takes place in a different country than your own.
  15. read a book that’s sure to make you laugh until you cry.
  16. read a book that you’re annoyed at yourself because you haven’t read it yet.-Monster of Men by Patrick Ness
  17. read a expensive book.
  18. read a book without hype.
  19. read a book that you’ve had forever, and if you don’t like it or don’t read it, time to tell it peace out.
  20. read a book that features an animal or has a animal on the cover.-
  21. read a book that features music.
  22. read a book that features religious diversity.
  23. read a book about a current event.-The Hate You Give by Angie Thomas
  24. read a book that’s like candy to you (a guilty pleasure).-Dating You Hating You by Christina Lauren

As of today I have finished 2 book and DNFed one book. Its a slow process of picking something that goes with each challenge plus my reading mood. Don’t know how many I’ll actually get through but at least am reading.

I do need help with a cry-worthy book. I don’t easy cry in books have only done so reading 5 books. So I need recommendation of a book that will make a non-crier cry if that makes any sense. Thanks if you can help me out.

Also let me know if your doing the read-a-thon because I enjoy being noisy. 🙂

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