Audiobook Review: The Graveyard Book

Author: Neil Gaiman

Narrators: Neil Gaiman, Derek Jacobi, Robert Madge, Clare Corbett, Miriam Margoyles, Andrew Scott, Julian Rhind-Tutt

Length: 8 hrs & 24 mins.

Rating: 4/5

Nobody (Bod) Owen  as a toddler has been raised by ghost after his real family was killed. With the killer is still looking for Bod lucky enough he is protected by his guardian Silas.  This book is Bod journey from toddler to 15 and I loved every second of it. pretty much him growing up and showing stages of his childhood that we all faced at one point.

I loved Bod because he loved to learn by any source. It being from books or by stories he’s always eager to listen and learn. He was such a sweet boy who tries to helpful and respectable to those living or dead. To see him grow up and make friends, go to school, get in trouble was just heart warming to see. Also he has a stubborn and fearless side that makes me want to root for him and call him brave.

Silas is a character that I loved for never sugar coating anything when it comes to Bod.  His role in Bod life is to be able to keep the boy feed since he was the only one who could leave the graveyard. Which made me question what exactly Silas was. Because I don’t think he was a ghost, but he’s lived for a long time. Anyway I still loved him and how he let Bod learn from his mistake while being still being close enough to protect him.

I think my favorite part was having a full cast along with music. It was just plan fun to hear everyone have their own voice with ascents and other things to make the sound unique. So I wasn’t confused. Plus usually I don’t like music with audio’s because it sometimes bugs me. However in
this book it was used to transition from end of chapter to the next one. So it actually helped to tell me when the new one begin.

One thing I didn’t like was the Jack and the reason behind Bod’s families death. It just felt like a easy out and no real explanation of who they really were. Also I knew who was who when Jack and Bod meet up after 13 years of hiding. The whole finally lets say battle scene was pretty cool though how Bod used his years in the graveyard to great use.

I still fully enjoyed this book and happy that I finally got to it. If I had to recommend the book or audiobook I have to say audio with the full cast. Because I believe it brings more fun to the story while we reading through Bod’s childhood. Either way if your a fan or just starting with his work I totally think you should give this a try.

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