Collective July Haul

This is my massive book haul in my favorite formats. No one should be shock by how massive this is because every month its about the same size. Anyway here is all the books I’ve brought in physical/audible/kindle.

Physical Haul: 10


Audible Haul: 14


kindle Haul: 82


total number: 101

Those kindle deals are going to be the death of me I swear.

Book Tag: How I Choose My Books

I was looking up some bookish tags and found this one so here is the How I Choose My Books Tag enjoy..

1-Find a book on your shelves or e-reader with a blue cover. What made you want to pick up this book? Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi

2-Thin of a book you didn’t expect to enjoy, but why did you read it in the first place? One of Us is Lying by Karen M. McManus

3-Stand in front of your bookshelf with your eyes closed and pick up a book at random. How did you discover this book? I don’t have bookshelves or my books so I can’t really choose one.

4-Pick a book that someone personally recommended to you. What did you think of it. Dearest Clementine by Lex Martin. A friend on Goodreads finished this book then recommended to me. It was .99 cent so I got it and was totally addicted to it. I actually need to reread it soon because I just remember really enjoying it and not much else.

5-Pick a book that you discovered through YouTube/ book blogs. Did it live up to the hype? I have two for these because I have a disliked and one I love one so here we go.

Loved Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo which I’ve been putting off because I didn’t want to be disappointed and yet ended up loving and reading the second book right after.

Disliked Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins. If you watch BookTube on the regular than you know who the booksplosion group is. Well they choose this book and I wanted to participate and ended up hating it.

6-Find a book on your shelves or e-reader  with a one-word title. What drew you to this book? Enclave by Ann Aguirre I was drawn to this book because I just finished another zombie book and was in the mood for more.

7-What book did you discover through a film/ tv adaption? Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion I watched the movie multiple times before I even realized there was a book. Which is so much better than the movie less romance based and more of the zombies vs. the people.

8-Think of your all-time favorite book(s). When did you read these and why did you pick them in the first place. Is this even a question because I’ve talked about this series all the time. The 45th book comes out in  September and that’s the In Death series by J.D. Robb. 45 books not including the novellas yeah am addicted. I discover this series from one of those if you like this then try this type of situation.

So hope you learned a little about how I choose book where in honesty its always a guessing game. If you really want to know how I choose books its kind of like try a chapter except sometimes I go through a lot of books before finding one. Even then I haven’t been good at finishing them.

So yeah let me know how you choose books in the comments below and I’ll try and blog again soon.

June Bookish Haul


So here is all the books I’ve brought in June it being physical to kindle and lastly audiobooks. There is a lot so please enjoy..

Physically I finally caved and brought the boxset for the mistborn trilogy. Am proud though since bookoutlet had that 15% sale that I sadly didn’t do. However these are so pretty that I have no regrets.

sanderson (mb)

Kindle buys was a little more crazy because I love the deals for them. So this is where my buying went a little crazy. However I only brought one book over 3.99 so that’s not bad for me.


Side note: I’ve read all the Devon McCormack books Between the Sheets and Tight End where 5 stars. However FU: Fixer Uppers was a three.



Now to my audible buys which wasn’t bad since there is only 7..

So in total I brought:



7-audible books

Bringing my total to: 75 and I’ve only read: 5

I want to say I want to go on a ban however I already brought 5 books and its only the first of the month. Yeah no control people. Also am behind on these but don’t know if I should post them. Let me know if you may be interested to see how bad my kindle buying is.

until next time 🙂