June Bookish Haul


So here is all the books I’ve brought in June it being physical to kindle and lastly audiobooks. There is a lot so please enjoy..

Physically I finally caved and brought the boxset for the mistborn trilogy. Am proud though since bookoutlet had that 15% sale that I sadly didn’t do. However these are so pretty that I have no regrets.

sanderson (mb)

Kindle buys was a little more crazy because I love the deals for them. So this is where my buying went a little crazy. However I only brought one book over 3.99 so that’s not bad for me.


Side note: I’ve read all the Devon McCormack books Between the Sheets and Tight End where 5 stars. However FU: Fixer Uppers was a three.



Now to my audible buys which wasn’t bad since there is only 7..

So in total I brought:



7-audible books

Bringing my total to: 75 and I’ve only read: 5

I want to say I want to go on a ban however I already brought 5 books and its only the first of the month. Yeah no control people. Also am behind on these but don’t know if I should post them. Let me know if you may be interested to see how bad my kindle buying is.

until next time 🙂

6 thoughts on “June Bookish Haul

  1. Wow!!! 👏👏👏👏👏 Great Haul. I see some really great books in this gigantic Haul. Can’t wait for you to read Kings of the Wyld. It was freaking Amazing 😆 Malice was great also

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