June/July Wrap Ups

So I finally got this up. I read a totally of 5 books in June and 1 in July so I decided yeah lets just combined them. So here is my wrap up with short summaries and what I thought. There will be reviews for all of them and not just the three I linked below. Am slowly getting back to reviewing so it will be up soon-ish.

Hunting(su)Rating: 4/5

Series: N/A

Genre: Contemporary/Romance

Reviewed: YES/NO

Summary: He owned her since he was the reason she blew her audition which caused her to lose her place.

I enjoyed this book it had plenty of humor and romance plus a cute ferret added into the mix and yet I wanted more. 


Rating: 3/5

Series: gaymers-1

Genre: m/m romance

Summary: Two men who are totally opposite bound over a road-trip across country.

Another gay romance that I thought was cute especially with them being on the road in a RV with two dogs. However though the book was cute and I didn’t have many problems with it. It was a meh  read for me.


McCormack (fu)

Rating: 3/5

Genre: male/male romance

Reviewed: YES/NO

Summary: story about two men who bound while remodeling a house.

In my review I write how this book was very meh compared to his other books that I’ve readMcMonus (ofil)Rating: 5/5

Genre: YA/Mystery/Thriller/Contemporary

Reviewed: YES/NO

Summary: 5 Kids from different school status get detention and only 4 survive. Now the rest have to deal with being suspects and having everything changing.

Favorite read of June I could not stop listening to the audiobook because I just needed to know more. Yes it is predictable at times however McManus knows how to weave a good mystery together along with friendship and a dash of a romance. PLEASE GO READ IT.

Gaiman (tgb)

Rating: 4/5

Genre: YA/ Paranormal/Horror

Reviewed: YES/NO

Summary: This is the childhood of Bod the orphan who is raised in a graveyard to keep away from a killer.

This book was just his adventure as he grow up with the undead. It was cute because it showed him get lesson from the ghost and go on adventures that got him in trouble. Its my second favorite and highly recommend the audio for its a full cast of fun



Rating: 3/5

Series: takeover-1

Genre: male/male romance

Reviewed: YES/NO

Summary: It was supposed to be a one night thing on a topical island with no names exchange and that is it. However comes out they meet again with one being the boss. OOPS.

I believe that though this book is cute I had a problem with the reason why one of the guys in the closet. Plus how it seems they could never figure out if they want to be together or not. 


There it is the rambles of a this quick overview of the books I’ve read. Thanks for reading and look out for more reviews soon. 🙂


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