Hi. My name is Chelsea and am a booknerd. I started this blog to get my thoughts down about books i love feel meh about or hated. I also do tags and memes,but mostly just do reviews where I ramble about how I feel. I love my slow romances along with the hate to love. Strong friendships is something I can always get behind, and if there is a adventure involved then sign me up. I try to keep my mind open on all genres but since am also a mood reader that determines what i read.  Formats I read by are all of them, however paperbacks and audible books are my favorites. But hey also love to collect books by multiply formats so as long i get the story I don’t really care how.

My Ratings:

5-loved loved loved even if there may have been some problems.

4-when i enjoyed but wasnt a love

3-this is when it is meh

2-liked maybe two things about not enough for a meh.

1-disliked all the way

When I do review books I link up with Goodreads/Instagram/ Tumblr/Twitter/Amazon which is always fun to get them all on there.

Hope you enjoy my blog and the randomness that it sometimes leads to. Am not a everyday poster though sometimes I can plan it that way. It all determines if I have something to actual post about.


14 thoughts on “About

      • I would love for you to review my book! It’s the first in a series of seven titled The Water Travelers!

        Bio: Adventure finds those who are brave enough to take the first step.

        Aaron never wanted to pursue kingship, but his care for the lives of his people forced him toward it. When his father, The King of Upitar, sends him on a quest to find a girl who was prophesied long ago to destroy their world, Aaron finds himself fighting the option of running away forever or fulfilling his destiny as the Heir of Upitar.

        By water traveling, a gift his people have that allows them to go back and forth between their world and Earth through water, Aaron starts this adventure with thousands of thoughts and questions racing around his head.

        While on his journey, he inadvertently meets the very girl he’s sent to kill, Madalyne Harper. Without knowing it’s her, an unlikely romance between the sarcastic and daring Madalyne Harper begins to flourish with the rebellious and curious, Prince Aaron Archien. As they grow closer, Aaron begins to learn of secrets within the Harper family regarding water travelers. Wanting to learn more, and wanting an excuse to hang out with Madi, Aaron continues to delay his original mission. As family problems and outside forces press down on them, Aaron and Madi soon find themselves running away together.

        Everything between them is great until Aaron learns the girl he has connected so well with is the same girl he’s going to have to kill…

        LINK : http://www.amazon.com/Water-Travelers-Heir-1/dp/1500507075/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1429837291&sr=8-1&keywords=the+water+travelers

        Thanks so much for getting back to me!

        – Dan

  1. Hey Chelsea! Can I interest you in my audiobook? It’s about a struggling artist who gets a lifetime commission, but discovers his perfect patron has ulterior motives. It’s very different, it’s very fun, it’s very free. My wordpress site has all the details.

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