October BookHaul from different sources

Thirft store buys (because I needed more books even if there cheap)
Bookoutlet order (because there was a deal ugh. But hey now I got all of Morgan Matson books.)

  Amazon Marketplace (where I finally collected all the books out right now)  

I went to B&N and got these beauties   
Last and not least kindle buys (which doesn’t help that I can get these cheap and I don’t pay attention.)


So I didn’t realize how much I brought until I began this list. Although I want to just say YOLO I am running out of space on my bookshelf. However am so addicted to buying books that it doesn’t even matter. 

Anyone else have this problem? Please let me know.


So everyone who has been on my blog knows my love from one series. more like a deep love right now for the In Death by J.D. Robb and so I brought 10 books to continue my obsession.  
  13/22 need to read 
Now I own 19/40. Waiting until I finished to 22 before buying more. Yeah for bookhauls though I really shouldn’t. 

Until next time 🙂

Mini Book Hual part 1

So I’ve been doing good with the whole lets cut down on book hauls until the last weeks of June. Then I went a little crazy. Oops. This will be broken up for when I get the book because am to inpatient to wait for the other ones to come in. This first part is amazon marketplace. I got three books one is to continue on in a trilogy and the other two is to complete a trilogy so here we go.


First one is The Winner’s Crime by Marie Rutkoski book two in the Winner’s Trilogy. This shouldn’t surprise anyone who has read my review on the first book The Winner’s Curse how much I love it. So for some reason I preorder the e-book and not the physically book. Don’t know why since I would have brought the hardback at some point. Like now. So yeah I can’t wait to read this one and see what happens next after the ending of The Winner’s Curse.


Next two books I’ve been wanting for awhile but haven’t had been up to buying them. Until now. These are Asunder and Infinite by Jodi Meadows book two and three of the Newsouls trilogy. I’ve already read the first two, and now I can get to the conclusion and see how Jodi Meadows is going to end this. So excited. This trilogy is really good and keeps me interested all the way through.