Book Haul pt. 2

IMG_2959Thank you Book Outlet for having all three books. I have enjoyed the first two in these trilogy and never gotten to the third one. Now though since its been a while since I’ve read these trilogy I’ll have to start from the beginning. But that’s okay they go pretty quickly.

IMG_2960This has to be my most disappointed purchase. I preorder this from book depository for the fact that I have the first to in paperback. Since it was coming out as hardback on everywhere else I ordered it, However I forgot one fact. Paperbacks and mass paperbacks are different. So I got the paperback which can I say is the size of a hardback. Not only that it didn’t come out on release date which I had no clue of since I don’t get books from book depository. It shipped the day before and took  3 weeks to get here. My question is what was the point if I wasn’t even going to get it on the day it release. Plus the fact that its the size of a hardcover piss me off even more. I should of just got the damn e-book.


Do you see my problem how can a paperback be bigger than a hardback. If I wanted a hardback I would have just brought it on amazon and get it on time. Ugh.

Okay sorry for the rant but I had to get that out of my system. Anyway that is my book haul I have one more box coming from book outlet with 8 books in it so I can’t wait. Until next time Happy Reading.