My All Format Book Haul

I swear my hauls get longer every month. Though I didn’t break 100 but I was pretty dang close. Onto the haul….








Bookoutlet Haul:9



Audible: 42 and I’ve listened to 14 of them last month

Daughter of the Pirate King
Traitor to the Throne
Alex, Approximately
The Song of Achilles
Hitched vol. 2
Hitched vol.3
The Love Interest
We Are Legion
First Drop of Crimson
A Closed and Common Orbit
Halfway to the Grave
The Sexy One
The Chemist
Into the Light
The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August
The Great Gatsby
An Enchantment of Ravens
Monster Prick
The Language of Thorns
Openly Straight
Kage Unleased
Kage Unmasked
The Progeny
The Fifth Season
Broken Prince
The Collapsing Empire
Twisted Palace
Air Awakens
Drunk Dial
Borrowing Blue
The Play Mate

=97. I’ve been in such a audio book mode that reading any other way isn’t possible for me at this moment. But am just glad am reading in some way so I can’t complain even if my wallet hates it.

Collective July Haul

This is my massive book haul in my favorite formats. No one should be shock by how massive this is because every month its about the same size. Anyway here is all the books I’ve brought in physical/audible/kindle.

Physical Haul: 10


Audible Haul: 14


kindle Haul: 82


total number: 101

Those kindle deals are going to be the death of me I swear.

June Bookish Haul


So here is all the books I’ve brought in June it being physical to kindle and lastly audiobooks. There is a lot so please enjoy..

Physically I finally caved and brought the boxset for the mistborn trilogy. Am proud though since bookoutlet had that 15% sale that I sadly didn’t do. However these are so pretty that I have no regrets.

sanderson (mb)

Kindle buys was a little more crazy because I love the deals for them. So this is where my buying went a little crazy. However I only brought one book over 3.99 so that’s not bad for me.


Side note: I’ve read all the Devon McCormack books Between the Sheets and Tight End where 5 stars. However FU: Fixer Uppers was a three.



Now to my audible buys which wasn’t bad since there is only 7..

So in total I brought:



7-audible books

Bringing my total to: 75 and I’ve only read: 5

I want to say I want to go on a ban however I already brought 5 books and its only the first of the month. Yeah no control people. Also am behind on these but don’t know if I should post them. Let me know if you may be interested to see how bad my kindle buying is.

until next time 🙂

Kindle Sunday Haul

This is so late so its just going to be pictures. Going to keep myself accountable for my addiction:)



So there you go these are consist of new releases. continuing on books that I haven’t even read the first one. Plus squeal that you did read the first book but didn’t know if you wanted to continue. Wanting another format because why not for cheap. Plus some standalones that didn’t sound bad that’ll probably seat for awhile.

Until next time have a good week 🙂

Sunday Haul

I didn’t really buy anything which makes me happy. So I joined both my kindle and book outlet haul together. Hope you enjoy.

Elemental (elemental #.5) its a novella that I read before the first one that was only a couple dollars.

Angelfall (penryn & the end of days #1) have already listened to and highly recommend. However I didn’t have the e-book so for .99 cents why not.

Rommie Wars: got it for free so why not


1st one being I only have them in this format.



2nd one being I own these books in another format.

img_0233 So yeah I feel like I didn’t do that bad this week in the buying other than of course the actual haul. This is a slow process and am trying to decrease buying since my reading haven’t been that great.

Happy reading/buying and hope everyone had a good weekend. 🙂

Kindle Haul

This is not the complete list but of current this is what I have brought. Some are new releases most are deals from amazon. So enjoy my pictures of the kindle books that I just had to have.


Am going to try and do this Sundays so that it wont collect so much. Especially since I buy e-books more than anything currently so there is that.

Book Haul: Birthday & Christmas Haul

Okay this is late I know and oops. Anyway these is thanks to gift cards and some of my own money. Gift cards to me are totally boxsets for me so I got those.

First let’s talk about my birthday I got a giftcard and brought these books with it.

Duology: Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

Now I have no excuse to not read these since the first book itself I have in three different formats.

Uprooted by Naomi Novik

Another no excuse because I’ve been wanting to read this for awhile. I’ve heard it is a love it or hate it type of book and am excited to see which side I am.

Christmas Time: no one knows what to get me so gift cards are always welcomed.

Series: The School of Good and Evil by Soman Chaimani

Want to read forever and now I have the books to do it.

Nevernight is a book I’ve been wanting to read since it can out but it was expensive. Until I found a coupon on a book site that discounted a book. I choose this and only payed 10 bucks for it.

I want to read a 100 books this year and I also want to keep better track of my reading. That’s what log comes in there are 100 pages so if I feel up these book then I  completed my goal.

This is so late and I have no excuse other than I forgot. I put it up on my instrgram and that was it. So hope you have a good weekend and hope you like my birthday/Christmas haul.

Ebook haul (because I can’t stop)

It’s crazy how much I spend on ebooks. Here are the 34 books I got  so far…

Fun times I have read 6 out of 34  thanks to buying the audible. So yeah here is my ebook haul that is only part one because it’s still the beginning of the month. 

Also am going on vacation these coming week and super excited. Am going back to my hometown to visit family. Audible is going to be my go to for books since am not bringing any physical. 

So yeah just a little update and how am spending my week. Happy Reading all. 

Audible Haul





So this is my biggest audible haul of these year and I love it. Listening to books have pretty much been my favorite format at the moment so I collect a lot of them. Here is the 32 audible books I’ve brought in June..




Audible has deals like e books that I can’t always resist but also they have this buy three credits for 30 something dollars which I use a lot. I have found audible as a trade off when I don’t want to listen to music but still want to listen to something. Being if am out shopping with my mom, or cleaning at my work. I just play a book and try to keep my face expression not to extreme because bring that out of me. Also in the middle of July am going on vacation so listening to some books will make the long car ride more enjoyable.

Now all is left is my book haul which is pretty big one and am waiting for one book to come before posting it. I brought it in June so it will be in my June haul that’s if it every show up.


Haul: Ebook 

Okay so it’s officially I have a problem and it’s called ebooks. This month I collected 100 new books that will probably just seat on my kindle.

The list includes:


100 books that mostly came from deals throughout the month but still. I don’t read on my ereader and I need to break that habit if am going to continue buying ebooks. Or stop buying ebooks no matter the deal which I don’t see happening. Something needs to change.

Please someone tell me am not the only one. And this is part 1 of 3 hauls I have. I’ve spent a lot of money on books this month that they have to be in different post. Until later.