BR: Fixer Uppers

Author: Devon McCormack

Series: N/A

Format: kindle

Page Count: 328

Genre: M/M Romance

Publisher: Devon McCormack

Published Year: 2017

Rating: 3/5


I’ve never messed around with a guy before. Not that I haven’t been attracted to guys. The opportunity just never came up.
I stand at the front door, naked. My bro’s roomie, Scott, is pissed about how much noise I made with the girl I just escorted out of their apartment, but I figured we were alone, and I couldn’t help that she liked to scream out to let me know she was enjoying herself. Just like I can’t help that the raging boner I have right now is for Scott, not her. I don’t know what it is about the angry glare he’s giving me that turns me on so much, but I just want to tug on his curly brown locks and hear him call out my name as I show him a good time.
Scott doesn’t want anything to do with me. At least, I think that’s the case, but I learn just how wrong I am one night when we wind up tearing each other’s clothes off and racing for the bedroom. He blows my mind…and well, me too. We spend the next few days messing around before I head back to California. That’s supposed to be the end of it. But after my sister makes a crap investment on a rundown house near my bro’s apartment in Atlanta, I jump at the opportunity to help her fix it up. I don’t want her to have to stay with our parents, who I’ve avoided since I left for college–don’t get me started.
Scott volunteers to work on the project too, which gives us plenty of time to have a little fun together. It’s supposed to be about fixing up the house, but the more time I spend with him, the more I realize it’s not the only fixer upper Scott’s working on. He’s doing something to me–making me better. And even though I’m heading back home when this is all over, I don’t want it to end. Because I’m falling for Scott…so hard.

This hurts me for the fact that am a fan of Devon McCormack books after reading three of his other books other and loved them. However this book was missing what I loved about the other books.

I Think my biggest issue is the writing felt off to me. It just felt different from hi other books I’ve read. It was a bit cheesy for me that I had some omg I can’t believe they said that.

I still loved the two main characters Scott and Mickey and have a soft spot for what they went through. They both have family issues that they have to deal with. And they also was each others support system when needed it was sweet. However for a duel POV it was a bit one sided with Mickey being center which is fine since he has the most family issues. However Scott to had some issues that was glimpsed at then wrapped up pretty fast. I would of just liked it to be more equal and seeing more Scott with his family and not just a couple times.

There is somethings I did like about this book. Like the sibling relationship. Mickey may not have the best relationship with his parents however he has a real tight one with his siblings. The building aspect when it actually was getting done was cool with Mickey doing that for a living and being a good teacher to Scott the graphic designer they made a good time.

The romance was a up and down thing to me. Sometimes I was so for it other time it was just straight up cheesy. They seemed to want to just have the relation part but not the ship part. Which is annoying how they kept everything in there head and asked what’s going to happen next their like I don’t know. If they talked about it more it would have been much easier to mange but of course need the drama.

I liked this book for the relationship between Mickey and his sibling and how Mickey and Scott did start to bound. On the other hands it was cheesy read and has lots of weird worded things in it, and the spacing was off. So for your first of these who are first time with these author these should be your first book to read of his. I would recommend Between these Sheets, Filthy Little Secret, and Tight End.  These are the reason I enjoyed the author so much and should be tired out.

Audible Review: The Deal

Author: Elle Kennedy

Series: off campus-1

Format: audible

Narrators: Lorelei Avalon

Length: 12hrs/56mins

Genre: New Adult

Rating: 5/5


Garrett and Hannah started with them both needing  help in an area that the other is better at. Garrett’s being passing a class so he can stay on the hockey team. While Hannah needs help talking to a guy she really likes. Though Hannah is very relentless to add another something on her plate she agrees to go along with it. Which during these study session and binge watching a tv series they started to be a bit more.
I loved how the development in their relationship wasn’t rushed and was realistic in the stuff that happens. Garrett though being a jock was really smart especially when it came to history. All he wants is to play professionally hockey and get out the shadow of his fathers. Hannah on the other hand moved across the states to escape her past and to forget. She is a music major who has to get ready for a showcase were she partnered up with an impossible partner. These two hard headed of course butt heads and bring sarcasm and humor to everything. Which of course just made me laugh more at their antics. Just watching all the back and forth to becoming an actually couples was fun to listen to with popcorn.
The friendship in these was also so good. I loved Garrett’s roommate’s and how they bring in their two cents into everything. Each guy has their role in the house that makes everything work and become the best friends. Seeing all the friends blended with each other so good like it was like that the entire time.

One negative is that their was only one narrator doing the whole thing. Not saying that the narrator was bad but a male voice would have separated everyone out more.

This book was just a lot of fun to listen to for the whole 12 hours and 41 minutes.  Narrator brought a lot to the story that kept me want to listen to what this characters are up to. I will say if you enjoyed the Pucked series by Helena Hunting you will enjoy this book. Because it reminds me of the humor, friendship, my love for hockey, and the relationships themselves so much. Which is probably why I continued with this series right away.

BR: The Hating Game

author: Sally Thorne

narrator: Katie Schorr

format: audible

length: 11hrs/29mins

publisher: willow morrow

rating: 4/5

Lucy Hutton and Joshua Templeman hate each other. Not dislike. Not begrudgingly tolerate. Hate. And they have no problem displaying their feelings through a series of ritualistic passive aggressive maneuvers as they sit across from each other, executive assistants to co-CEOs of a publishing company. Lucy can’t understand Joshua’s joyless, uptight, meticulous approach to his job. Joshua is clearly baffled by Lucy’s overly bright clothes, quirkiness, and Pollyanna attitude.
Now up for the same promotion, their battle of wills has come to a head and Lucy refuses to back down when their latest game could cost her dream job…But the tension between Lucy and Joshua has also reached its boiling point, and Lucy is discovering that maybe she doesn’t hate Joshua. And maybe, he doesn’t hate her either. Or maybe this is just another game.  


This has been so hyped and it totally deserve it. For her first book Sally Thorne did a great job in bringing a hate to love relationship with lots of humor. Which makes this the prefect book for me. I loved how Lucy’s and Josh’s relationship was trying to up one each other and that Josh seemed to read minds. They bring out each others bad sides and I couldn’t stop laughing at their antics.

Which I should bring up this book is funny so you may not want to read in public. I mean you can if you don’t mind people looking at you weird for laughing out of nowhere. The narrator does such a good job of showing the many emotions that come with Lucy’s and Josh’s dislike for each other and all the others later on.

Also this was about trying to bring to rival companies together once and for all. Which brings Lucy and Josh to work together and plan a bounding course. Which was fun to see both sides come together and pelt each other with paint balls. Also Josh and Lucy had there own things that they had to work on and each helped the other out.

I will say though Lucy got on my nerves some. She seemed to like Josh one minute then say something that will make them stop talking. Not that Josh wasn’t also a pain with his silent and not just telling her stuff. Which lead to total bs moments, however it didn’t take away from my total enjoyment of the book itself.

All in all I really loved this book and for a debut novel I can’t wait to see what Sally Thorne comes out with next. So glad I gave this contemporary a chance and I really want to buy the physical book.


Audible Review: Wait for You

Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout

Format: audible/kindle

Narrator: Sophie Eastlake

Length: 11 hours and 18 minutes

Rating: 5/5


It’s a college book about Avery who moved from Texas to Virginia for a new start. After continuing dealing with something that happened 5 years prior. Avery is trying to move on but someone keeps contacting her by emails and text while Avery just wants to forget.

Avery & Cam:

They both are dealing with stuff from their past however they deal with it in different ways. Cam has pretty much excepted what happened to him. While Avery moved across the country and tries to ignore everything. However I still loved everything about them and how they meet up.

The Romance:

The whole relationship was realistic in the way it came to be. They became friends first and though Cam asked her out for months it was half a joking matter. However when they do go out and start to date they dealt with a lot of ups and downs. Which just made me root for them more as the story went on. I loved that when Avery and Cam became a couple that it didn’t fix everything. Sure she learned how to trust and be able to experience things that frightened her.  However Avery still had some bad days which is how it should.

The Side Characters:

This book has two sets of friends that came together. Brittany and Jacob who acted like brother and sister that  wasn’t afraid to tell Avery when she was being stupid. Plus there always there for the fun time studying while gossiping and eating junk food. Then there’s Ollie and Jase who are brothers to Cam knowing him since childhood. They listen and make sure that Cam doesn’t do anything stupid. I love that they all pretty much all become friends and hangout. They all have their own personality that I love and just want more of them.

The audiobook:
This is my first time listening to Sophie Eastlake and really like her voice. She has a smooth why of telling the story that kept me interested to continue. Am excited to hear more from her.

The story was about dealing with past regrets and trying to get past it. It was also about trust and being willing to just live through you might be scared to.

I always love Jennifer L. Armentrout books and don’t know why I haven’t just marathon her books since I have plenty of them. Can’t wait to continue with these series and see some of my favorite side character get their own books.

I have to say if you’ve read Easy by Tammara Webber and want a similar book this would be a good choice.

Audible Review: Pucked Off

Author: Helena Hunting

Narrators: Rose Dioro & Jacob Morgan

Length: 9hrs & 36 mins

Series: Pucked-5

Rating: 5/5

Summary: I’m NHL defenseman Lance Romero, AKA Lance “Romance.”

I’m notorious for parties and excess. I have the most penalty minutes in the league. I get into the most fights. I take the most hits. I’m a player on and off the ice. I’m the one women with no inhibitions want.

Not because I like the notoriety, but because I don’t know how to be any other way.

I have secrets. Ones I shared with the wrong person, and she used them against me. Sometimes she still does. I should cut ties. But she makes it difficult, because she’s the kind of bad I deserve.

At least that’s what I believed until someone from my past gets caught up in my present. She’s all the good things in this world. She lights up my dark.

I shouldn’t want her.

But I do.

I should leave her alone.

But I won’t. 

My Thoughts:

Goodbye Pucked series I will be rereading you in the future 🙂

Lance has always been my top Pucked male and not just because of his ascent. Okay that has a lot to do with it. However though he likes to fight, and sleep with a bunch of bunnies. However he is also loyal and loves gummy bears which makes me smile at childlike he can be. He also has a thing about being touched and is really broken. Not all of it was thanks to Tasha but she’s sure as hell didn’t help. Tash in the beginning of the series didn’t seem bad person, and I even thought she may be a good choice for Lance. However reading this book will change your mind quick.

The actual love interest had a little camo in the second book and came back to help Lance with his problems. I loved Poppy in how she knew Lance before he became a hockey player. They reconnect because Lance needed a massage therapist, and though he was didn’t want to he went. I love how she is the one who can break down Lance’s defenses making him happy.

There interaction especially in the beginning was cute. For the simple reason Lance didn’t know how to talk to Poppy. Sure Lance knows how to flirt and seduce however doesn’t mean he knows how to deal with someone he wants to date. So watching him fumble was the cutest thing and I had to pause a couple times over the cuteness of it.

Poppy and Lance did had some issues with the whole if we don’t talk about it we wont ruin the start of their relationship. Which I was blah about however it lead to a Violet and Lily step in, and they worked it out so its fine.

I also love the little snippets of the other Pucked characters. The little you see of them is enough to make the book a full  experience. I love the audiobook as I’ve loved all the other ones. To hear the ascent and just get involved in the book by how Rose Dioro & Jacob Morgan. Plus with the fact that Hunting brings humor with heart felt moments made the 9 hours and 36 mins not long at all.

Am so sad that am saying goodbye to this series with all this great couples that I got to know and laugh at and with. Though I would have love to know what the heck is going on between a couple that we never knew what really was going on. Am fine with this conclusion, and just glad I got my Lance story and that he got his happy ever after and there’s no more Tash.

So yeah I loved this series and sad to see it go. I need to find another like this at some point or just reread this a thousand times I don’t know yet. Thanks for reading my review and leave a comment on if you’ve read this book or another series like this.

Book Review: Collide

Author: Riley Hart

Series: Blackcreek-1

Format: kindle

Genre: m/m romance

Page Count: 332

Rating: 5/5

Summary: This is about two best friends reunion after 17 years apart. Noah and Cooper where best friends after colliding for the same football when they were 10. Then after three years later Noah’s family disappear without a word to anyone. Now both grown they meet up with another collusion this time evolving a truck. Which starts a new friendship.

Which doesn’t go down smoothly when Noah tells Cooper that he’s gay. Its a adjustment at first but they fall into the easy rhythm of friendship until it became more. I liked how Cooper became conflicted about his feelings since he’s been a women’s man all his life. Then there’s Noah who won’t push and hope that through all this they can stay friends. This book was like a mini roller coaster that just got better as I kept reading.


Cooper is a fireman who does it to honor his parents who died in a fire themselves. He grew up with his Uncle and Aunt who he respect a lot however doesn’t really fit with them. Then we have Noah whose family moves for a new beginning all his life. However they pretty much meet back up in the same way they first meet. So it was like a full circle thing.

The whole hot and cold moments in this book reminds me of a sitcom that was just fun with popcorn.Especially since Cooper has never thought of a guy like until Noah came back into his life. All books should start with a solid friendship even if they haven’t seen each other oh lets say 17 years.

There is plenty of drama and not all of it was due with the fact they where together. However the past plays plenty in this book and I still loved their story.

Book Review: Crossroads

Author: Riley Hart

Series: crossroads-1

Genre: m/m romance

Format: kindle book

Page Count: 340

Rating: 5/5

Summary: Nick is a recent divorce who owns his own restaurant While Bryce likes to fix cares while also pretending to be in a fake relationship with his best friend to keep his mother happy. They bounded over a share backyard and being able to become friends. However that changed slowly over the time that they spent together.

I really enjoyed this book. How it started as a friendship first then slowly turned into something else. The humor between Bryce and his family who are laid back and are just great to hangout with.

Bryce and Christi is my favorite friendship. The humor between them and how they get along is just goals. Also Christi herself the way she would tease Bryce by calling Nick the hot next door neighbor. She was a comedy relief that worked for the purpose in this book.

Also I love the sibling on both side of the guys families. How they were supportive, while also being honest about things they didn’t want to hear.

The writing went steady and how the story was told kept me interested which is the reason I finished it in one day.
things that bothered me was the fact that I didn’t always know who’s POV I was in. It took me a bit to figure if Bryce or Nick was talking. Also Nicks mom bothered me in how old fashion she was. She believes that a women’s place is home rising the kids and making the man happy. It bothered me that she thinks so old ways that I couldn’t really like her.
So glad this book makes me smile by how everything started from friendship and realistic in how it was told. Plus this is the first in a series that don’t follow the  Nick and Bryce but am still excited to continue on.

Audio Review: A Monster Calls

Author: Patrick Ness

Narrated by: Jason Issacs

Format: audiobook

Length: 3hrs/59mins

Publisher: Walker Books

Rating: 5/5


The monster showed up after midnight. As they do.

But it isn’t the monster Conor’s been expecting. He’s been expecting the one from his nightmare, the one he’s had nearly every night since his mother started her treatments, the one with the darkness and the wind and the screaming…

This monster is something different, though. Something ancient, something wild. And it wants the most dangerous thing of all from Conor.

It wants the truth.

My Thought:

You can learn plenty from this short book by any format. How by listening to the 3 hours and 59 minute audio book has so much heart and emotion in it. Going in blind is smart since all I knew about this book before reading it was that there was a monster and lot of people cried while reading it. Though my eyes stayed dry I can see how this beautiful written story can bring that to people.
Its about how Conor has to deal with a lot of things happening to him, and how a magic monster tree is there to help in a way by telling him three stories. I didn’t know if the monster was good or bad because some moments had me question him. However by the end I knew that he is either and there to help Conor to learn his truth.

The audiobook was really good. It had a storyteller voice where you just can sit for hours and listen to the person speak. It made more of impact because you can hear through the narrator all the feelings that Conor is going through as he’s dealing with what is happening. Highly recommend it.

One thing I would have liked is that since it was a short book I would have loved a epilogue to know what happen next. To know if Conor is okay and if he made up with other people in these book. It would have been nice to have that last bit of closer is all.

Oh that ending it was heartbreaking, and just beautiful done for the topic that this book was written about. I can’t wait to watch the movie and see how this is brought to the big screen.  Read and enjoy just be warned that if your a crier your going to cry, and even if your not it will still make you feel the story.

Book Review: Uprooted by Naomi Novik

Format: paperback/audible

Narrator: Julia Emelin

Page Count/Length: 17hrs & 44mins/435

Publisher: Del Rey

Summary: Agnieszka loves her valley home, her quiet village, the forests and the bright shining river. But the corrupted Wood stands on the border, full of malevolent power, and its shadow lies over her life. Her people rely on the cold, driven wizard known only as the Dragon to keep its powers at bay. But he demands a terrible price for his help: one young woman handed over to serve him for ten years, a fate almost as terrible as falling to the Wood. The next choosing is fast approaching, and Agnieszka is afraid. She knows – everyone knows – that the Dragon will take Kasia: beautiful, graceful, brave Kasia, all the things Agnieszka isn’t, and her dearest friend in the world. And there is no way to save her. But Agnieszka fears the wrong things. For when the Dragon comes, it is not Kasia he will choose.

My Thoughts:

There is plenty to enjoy in this book if taken slowly, because this has its ups and downs. So time to list my thoughts out on how this book effected me.

The Ups:
+I love Dragon. He is such a sarcastic character, and also he’s known as a great wizard yet he doesn’t show off about it. Also he’s a major bookworm so that’s always a perk to me. He keeps the woods from taking over everything, and seemed very serious at times. However when needed he helped Agnieska when she ask or lets her do her own thing. He is also a perfection while Agnieska is his total opposite.
+I highly enjoyed Dragon and Agnieszka interactions especially when he was teaching her magic.
+The fact that Agnieszka does magic differently from the other wizards. She pretty much took what Dragon tried to teach her, and make it her own. loyalty that Agnieszka has for her town, her family, and her friendship with Kasia. Her first and last thought always go to others than her own. Yes she did get scared however she still showed lots of backbone when things got tough.
+Kaisa is such a selfish less character. Yes she has her dark moments however she gets over it pretty quickly. Also she does have a backbone and not afraid to look people in the eye. Kaisa becomes quit a badass later on in the book making her my favorite over the main character.
+How the woods was the portrayed as the evil thing haunting these land. Its not just one place but can effect all the kingdoms. Watching Agnieszka and her friends fight it and its creatures got really dark and just made me want to see how they got out of it.
+The pace made sense to me though yes it did have some slow moment which is a good use of the audible to get through it faster. Also the ending with how they tamed the woods and what get the where are they now was satisfying.

The Downs:
-I didn’t like the romance how little it actually was. It just seemed like a after thought something to just put in. I said this because when it happen it was short moment and then it was never talked about.
-Also Ageniesza seemed a little obsessed with her best friend Kasia. It maybe for the fact that she was pretty much her only friends. However as much as I love really good friendships it did get a little over done for me.
-I hated the court life, and how two face everyone is. I didn’t start liking it until shit hit the fan and events afterward. I couldn’t wait until they got back to the valley.
-Disliked Marek and hated Falcon. Marek is really self centered to me and though he does have some good moments. He shows that selfishness in the next instant. I get he’s motive however it really blinded him along with wanting to fight all the time. Then we have Falcon and he’s such a peacock who is a big shot at court. However he’s like that because he is a butt kisser and likes to take credit. I didn’t like him at all and wished more happened to him.
-Names are not my thing which is why I did the whole listen and audible book it. Not only was the names hard to pronounce but some run together for the men names. Especially when they dropped their wizard names and use their real names.

+-This book is a 17 hours listen so I thought listening to it would help me get through it a bit faster. However I found myself reading the physical book more than listening to the audible. As much as I love ascents this one was not my favorite. Plus how she read it was slow talking, and just something I couldn’t get behind 100%.
+-Also I kept forgetting that this is a very light retelling of Beauty and the Beast. When I did read a part or a character reminded me of someone from the retelling it was a awe moment. However I forget until the next moment.

This book took me forever however I kept up with it because I simply enjoyed this fairytale story. I did have ups and downs with this book and glad to have finally read it.

Audible Review: The Problem with Forever

Author:  Jennifer L. Armentrout

Narrated by: Amy Landon

length: 14 hours

Rating: 5/5


I really enjoy Jennifer L. Armentrout books and her newest book didn’t disappoint. We are introduced to Mallory “Mouse” Dodge who grew up in a foster home where keeping her mouth shut was the way to survive. Now years later getting out of that situation and adapted by nice people she’s learned to move on. In that process Mallory wants to go from homeschooling to public school. Which is new experience and unexpected to find his foster friend Rider Stark.

I really like Mallory because she been through a lot as a kid and wants to try to move on. Which she does slowly by going to public school for the first time. By going to public speaking class though she doesnt like to talk in front of people. Baby steps is the name of the game and I enjoyed watching Mallory making them.

Rider is the bad boy who took being in the same situation a little differently. He doesn’t let anyone in really though he will be there when his friends need him. Also his home life has changed to a t good home even if he doesn’t call it home. When they meet up again in class first there is shock of course. They haven’t seen each other since they were kids. Then Rider’s is little protective of Mallory which doesn’t help his girlfriend from liking Malory at all.

Speaking of side characters.

I loved the brothers Hector and Jayden. Especially Jayden he was Mallory’s first friend beside Rider. Yes he had some problems that his big brother Hector try to help him through. Hector is over protective of Jayden however he had good reason and was sweet. Paige can  be a ghetto bitch (pardon my language), but she does have reason. Also even though she gives Mallory lots of grief over Rider I did like her in the end. She is a harsh person but she doesn’t sugar coat things which I can respect.

Plus Mallory’s adopted parents who where there after she was taken out of that bad environment. They been through somethings before meeting Mallory which may have tired into there overprotective instinct with Mallory. They were really good people who let Mallory experience things like going to school or going out with friends. Even if it made them nerves wreaks as most parents would be.

The Romance..

I liked it for the fact to me it didn’t seem to rushed. It could have been annoying with it dragged out with Rider staying with Paige much longer. However I enjoyed the pace and how it developed for the most part.

The Audio version:

I enjoyed listening to it because though it was a 14 hour listen it didn’t fell like it. This is when audiobooks are the best because a book that’s 400+ pages seem like nothing. Amy Landon did a great job of keeping me in the story and enjoy it where I finished it in three days.

I loved this book and  it took me to long to get my thoughts about it together to write a review. However its finally done and it may be a little rambled thanks for reading my thoughts.

until next time happy reading everyone..