Tag: My Life in Books

This is when I don’t have anything to post so I find a random tag to do. So enjoy the randomness on this Monday.

find a book for each of your initials

count your age along your bookshelf: what book is it?


Pick a book set in your city/country

33290383 representing NC

pick a book that represents a destination you’d love to travel to

10964 I’ve been wanting to go to Ireland forever

Pick a book that’s your favorite color


which book do you have the fondest memories of?


which book did you have the most difficulty reading?


which book is your TBR pile will give you the biggest accomplishment when you finish it?


And there you go a random tag for a random Monday. Like if you enjoyed this and let me know some of your own answers.

Meme: Top 5 Wednesday

Topic: 2017 Releases You Are Excited For…

  1. book #4 (Cormoran Strike series) by Robert Galbraith

there is no title or cover for the next book, however its coming out this year so am excited. I need to know what is going to happen between Robin and Cormoran after that cliffhanger in the 3rd book.

2. book #3 (Illuminae files) by Amie Kristoff and Amie Kaufman

same with the first answer. Plus its the last book and I really want to know how this ends and how the revenge will come about.


3. By Your Side by Kasie West

I love Kasie West and so am excited for a new book from her. Plus this book has the characters stuck in a library. Yes please.

4. Echoes & Secrets in Death  (in death # 44 & 45) by J.D. Robb

I get two books this year of my favorite series. I cannot wait for February and August to roll around.


5. Pucked Off (pucked off #5) by Helena Hunting

I didn’t think we’ll be getting a 5th books especially a Lance story. This book am going to devour when February rolls around.

So yeah some books am excited to read in 2017, because I will be reading these when they come out. So ready for all these to come out so that I can read them already.


MEME: Top Ten Tuesday

TOPIC: 2016 Releases I Never Actually Read in 2016

I always think I’ll read these years releases however I may get to 0 to 3 maybe. So here are some of the 2016 releases that I never got to last year.

Nevernight ( the nevernight chronicles #1) by Jay Kristoff

Sleeping Giants (themis files #1) by Sylvain Neuvel

And I Darken (conquerors saga #1) by Kiersten White

The Crown’s Game (crown’s game #1) by Evelyn Skye

This Savage Song (monster of verity #1) by Victoria Schwab

The Great Hunt (eurona duology #1) by Wendy Higgins

Furthermore by Tahereh Mafi

The Shadow Queen (ravenspire #1) by C.J. Redwine

Reign of Shadows(reign of shadows #1) by Sophie Jordan

Ruined (ruined #1) by Amy Tintera

Am not making excuse because I thought I was going to read these but didn’t. I even started some of these put them down and never got back to them. I will be reading these sooner than later just apparently not the month they’ve come out.

Happy Tuesday 🙂

Currently Reading

To many books and not all of them all on Goodreads.


White Cat by Holly Black 24%

Listening to through audio and I started it to see if a different genre would help with me to read a lot more. Right now am still not 100% whats going on currently.


Wayfarer by Alexandra Bracken 34%

I have been waiting for this book for a year and would love to read it the same month it came out. However my reading mood haven’t been that great so puts a damper on actually reading this book.

The Young Elites by Marie Lu

doubling listening and reading by e-book. The beginning was really good but am kind of bored in the middle. I just thought it would be darker and more training.

Wolf by Wolf by Ryan Graudin 12%

Another e-book/audio combo. I have a hard time with books like these for the language and names gets me confused. So this is a really confused reading and feels like a history lesson. I cant wait until it actually gets to the race part.

So as you can see am doing good with starting books, but not close to finishing any of them. I may need to take a break through I don’t want to because who knows how long it’ll last.

hope everyone had a good reading week.


2016 Wrap Up

My reading wrap up for 2016 took me awhile to do. Yet here is my year of 2016. For this coming year I really need to keep count a little better so that it doesn’t take me so long to do this. So enjoy the review of my crazy reading year.

Books Read: 116

Average books Read: 5

Total Page Count: 34,819

Average Length:328

Average Rating:4.40








hardback: 1







historical fiction:4

middle school:3

science fiction:4

young adults:2

graphic novels:9

So there is my wrap up and its seven days into the new year and I still haven’t finished a single book. Hope everyone else is having a better reading month. 🙂


2017 Revolutions Goals

This is a bit late but here is the goals I set myself. Hopefully I can complete all if not all but all of these would be fun. So here it is and lets go…

  1. Read 100 books. I did this last year so am hoping to get to do it again in 2017.
  2. Read all the preorders I have for this coming year. Also it would be nice to get some of 2016 reads since I’d only read maybe a hand count of them.
  3. Complete the Around the Year in 52 Book. To do this I need to make sure that I read at least two a month.
  4. Each month I want to try and read a series/trilogy/or duo. Or at least start or continue and remember to keep up.
  5. Review each of my books. Either writing it down or on goodreads right after I finish. Because then I won’t have a bunch to do at once.
  6. Also, to go with the last one note taking. I really want to start annotating inside my books marking parts I loved and favorite quotes.
  7. I need to read more from my TBR piles. They are all in the triple digits. As recent I don’t have my books so collecting kindle books have gone a little crazy. Now I have all these digital books that I really need to get through. I don’t have a number to g
  8. Speaking of buying I really need to be my picky in what I buy. Especially when it comes to eBooks. So, I want to keep going with the books that I know I want to read sooner than much later.

This maybe a flop because am never good at remembering goals set for myself until the last minute. So wish me luck and lets kick 2017 butt.

Book Tag: Jingle Bells

I haven’t done a tag in a good while. Plus this is to get into the Christmas spirit since its next week. So hope you enjoy my rumbles to the answers provide toward this.

all I want for Christmas is you.. What book do you want to see under the Christmas tree?


the book set of Six of Crows. Though my family haven’t brought me books in forever.

2.Simply having a wonderful Christmas time… want book that you have read this year have you enjoyed the most?


 I didnt think I would like these book and so glad it I was wrong. Now I’ve became kind of obsessed.

3.it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… which book has the most festive look to it?


You can not tell me that this beautiful cover doesn’t remind you of a winter wonderland.

4. elf…what book unleashed your inner child? alcatraz series by Brandon Sanderson. I started the first two books and love how childish these books are. I need to continue on this series soon.


5. the Grinch..your favorite villain? is there really a favorite villain. because if that true i guess mine would be Levanna. She makes me want her death sooner than later.


6.the holiday..name your favorite two couples..


Tucker and Clara from the Unearthly series.

Roake and Eve from the in death series.

These two are my top OTPs and everyone should read to understand my love for them.

7. What book would you like to give as a present to your followers?

3236307 85736427488244

 My favorite books with beautiful covers.

So yeah I got a tag done and probably do more Christmas themed for the rest of December we shall see. Hope you enjoy this and can agree with my choices. Then let me know how you may answer these questions.

Book Review: Filthy Little Secret

Author: Devon McCormack

Format: kindle

Page Count:226

Rating: 4/5


I won’t fall for him.”
After breaking up with his cheating ex, Mark Kenmore turns to rebound sex with the campus drug dealer, Tim Halwell. He’s heard the rumors about all the hearts Tim’s broken, but after how he’s been hurt, there’s no way he’ll let himself fall into that trap. Besides, if the press found out he was screwing around with a drug dealer, it would tarnish his governor mother’s reputation. He expects the sex to be hot and exciting. What he doesn’t expect is the most intense, mind-blowing experience he’s ever had. He knows it’s wrong to want more, but he can’t help himself. And the more time they spend hooking up, the more he worries he’s falling into the same trap as Tim’s previous boy toys…and the harder it becomes to keep what they’re doing a secret from his friends and family.
“He’s just like the others.”
Tim knows Mark—the son of a politician, attending one of the most prestigious universities in Atlanta—is just another spoiled rich kid. When Tim hears about Mark’s breakup, he’s more than willing to help the brat out with some rebound sex. Just another notch in his own headboard. Tim won’t make it a regular thing because that never goes well. The guys always end up falling for him, despite how much they may fight it. But one steamy, lust-filled encounter after another, and he finds he can’t stop messing around with Mark. It’s too much fun. Too intense. Too erotic. And the longer they try to remain each other’s filthy little secrets, the more Tim realizes if he doesn’t back out soon, he just might fall in love.

My Thoughts:

there is a lot to enjoy about this book. How its about Mark getting over the fact that his boyfriend cheated on him with his best friend. So what does he do hook up with Tim the schools drug dealer. It wasn’t supossed to be nothing but sex however it of course developed into something else.
I always think its funny when characters don’t think it will develop into more than just sex. Especially if it goes on for a long period and they do stuff other than in bed. Yet this romance made sense how it was told. it took months for things to progress instead of a week or two of it. I will admit though that there are a lot of over the top emotional parts. but that just me. However there was some drama that is realistic and no cheating or break ups. So yeah to that.
Also Mark and Tim where so cute. Mark is a governors son who wants nothing to do with his parents money. So he brought his own place and bust tables even if he doesn’t have to. Tim is pretty much known as the drug dealer who doesn’t do relationships and left a lot of guys broken hearted. However Tim isn’t what he shows others and have lots of responbilites on his plate. I loved them together for there both have sarcasm for days and know what they want.
I loved their story and how they work through everything realistic and known of the unnecessary. there is sex and perverted things in these just to be warned. but if you can handle that then give this book a shot if you want a cute gay romance on a college campus.

Friday/Weekend/Current Reads

13526165__sy180_ My audio pick am 5 hours and 15 minutes. Currently am really confused about what’s happening. Not exactly halfway but close enough that you would think it would make sense but no. Its all emails and conversations that just seemed to bounce in different directions. If I didn’t need to finish this I would have totally DNFed this a while ago.

26219743__sy180_ Am currently 14% in these book and I can say it has kept my interest. The whole everyone having a counterpart. Along with enjoying the magically elements is also cool. I don’t like how this beginning only because it hurt my hear to see Dezaray go through all that. But now it seemed to be turning for the better. Or I how so.

25027902__sy180_ Am doing a two for one with this meaning audio and kindle. Am no where close to actually reading this right now. Have to say what I have read of these is on the boring side. Its not to the actual race part which I feel when the story really pick up so I’ll wait until then.

Kindle Review:Counting Daisies

Author: Nicola Haken

Series: the counting-1

Format: kindle

Page Count: 376

Rating: 5/5

Summary:Dylan Roberts and Cameron O’Neil were good kids. Growing up together, they shared everything. By the age of fourteen they were more than best friends – they were in love. They dreamt of their future, of success, marriage…happiness. They were going to grow old by each other’s side.
But… “Kids are stupid.”
When tragic circumstances forced them apart, Dylan discovered that life wasn’t the fairytale he dreamed of; it was dark, difficult, saturated with pain and shame. Life wasn’t meant to be enjoyed, merely survived, but even that became a challenge.
Damaged, worthless, and disgusting, he saw no point to his pitiful existence…
Until he came face to face with the boy he used to love.
Successful, honourable, and happy, Cameron had achieved the future they planned. He was good, positive, popular…everything Dylan would never be. What would happen if Dylan let him back into his world? Would he destroy Cameron too? Would his poison push him away like everyone else?
“Everybody leaves.”
“They leave or they die.”
But what if…what if Cameron didn’t?-goodreads

My Thoughts: Oh Cameron and Dylan was just perfect even though it wasn’t closed to that. For fourteen years they were unseparated as best friends and couple. That was until another tragic hit Dylan and he was taken in foster care without saying goodbye to Cameron or no where he was going.

16 years later…

Cameron has become a chef like he always wanted to be and owns a restaurant. Now he’s very successful doing the job he loves and being around good friends. Dylan on the other hand couldn’t deal with his problems anymore with people keep leaving. So he got into drugs to forget, but that lead to stealing, lying, and selling himself to other men. So now they meet up again to different people then they used to be and its no picnic.

So now they have to deal with trying to be Cameron and Dylan again with all the baggage that was brought into the relationship. With Dylan having cravings to stopping, then relapsing and everything in between. That’s what I loved most on how real the story was and didn’t treat his heroin addiction as something that’s a quick fix. Its something he’ll always have the cravings and he’s working through it.

There should be more to this series especially if it involves Derek and Paul get together. I love there relationship in these book and how much sexual tension is between the two. If Nicola Haken does write another book PLEASE let it being them getting together.

So there is some drama and struggles which was handled the correct way for what was happening. The friendships and support system was beautiful to see and am glad that Nicola Haken didn’t shy away from it.