Bookshelves Completed

Okay so a few things to know about this progress I went through. First off am in such a reading slump which is the first one I’ve had all year.

Second is that how my bookcases are set up is against the wall near my bed. So two shelves are hard to get to thinks to my bed there.

Thirdly I have two big shelves that hold each of my hardbacks and paperback. While my short one holds the leftover from the other two shelves. It is organized A-Z by authors last names so that I can keep the series together.

Lastly there is a lip on my two tall bookselves which makes the books I stack hard to see.

So after that here the end progress of organizing 423 books.



So for the poor quality or the fact that you can’t see some of the books. I have both poor lighting to my books and used my iPhone so yeah. So this took me a couple hours when I was supposed to be sleeping.

Until next time book friends. 🙂