Decisson: Marathoning Series

I don’t always marathon it’s actually very rare for me to do so. I wish I could just go through the whole series and say that I read them and have more room on my self. Because most of my shelves consist of series. However the reason I don’t get through them fast is because I burned out from the series. Also I like to collect books in a series even if I only read the first book. I don’t know why I get burned out so fast or don’t want to continue on the series. You would think if am enjoyed the first one I would want to continue, however that’s not what happens.

Some books that I have started by reading the first book is.

Benny Imura series by Jonathan Maberry

Razorland series by Ann Aguirre

Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead

Black City series by Elizabeth Richards

The Grisha series by Leigh Bardugo

Legend series by Marie Lu

The Mortal Instrument series by Cassandra Claire

and many more that I don’t think I want to list for the fact that I’ll be here all day with that list. It’s funny since I have  two shelf full of series that I have all or most of the books. This summer am hoping (fingers doubled crossed) that I can tackle some of the series I have. Or at least read the first book to see if I want to continue on. If not then I can donate and make room for more books.

As I’ve said it’s very rare for me to actually finish series right away if I think about it I believe I’ve only done one. How sad is that. Okay I need to stop rambling and ask a question to all of you. Are you guys great at keeping up with series as they come out or just marathon them when you collect them all? Or are you like me and just collect series and take forever to get through them?

Happy reading everyone 🙂