Disney Princess Book Tag

This is an old tag however since I don’t usually do tags I decided to pick a some what easy one. However I still had to think a bit on these so enjoy.

Snow White: Name a favorite classic romance.

why is this a repeat question for Snow White and Aurora. So instead I will name the my favorite couple every and I need to reread it soon. The Bride by Julie Garwood its set in Scotland with two hardheaded people trying not to fall in love.

Cinderella: Name a book that kept you reading past your bedtime.

So pretty much all of them. In these case I will say The Sea of Shadows by Kelley Armstrong. I loved the whole story and how much action happened separately to the sisters.

Aurora: Name your favorite classic romance.

I haven’t read the books however the movie Pride and Prejudice I love the relationship between Darcy and Elizabeth. I mean who doesn’t love how there relationship went from hate to love.

Ariel: Name a book that’s about sacrifices and fighting for your dreams.

The Winner Curse by Marie Rutkoski I believe that Krestel made plenty of sacrifices in the first book. And since there is two more books I believe she’ll make more in the next ones.

Belle: Name a book with a smart independent female character.

Eve Dallas in the In Death series. She is a strong women and has a hard time asking for help. Though  Eve has proven that she can take care of herself.

Jasmine: Name a book whose character challenges the social conventions of their world.

Ana from the Newsouls trilogy by Jodi Meadows. She was the first newsoul among old ones. So she had to fight since day one. However its beautiful to see Ana’s process throughout the books, and how she stand up for herself and the other newsouls.

Pocahontas: Name a book whose ending was a roller coaster of emotion.

Passenger by Alexandra Bracken because though the first part wasn’t exciting the ending made up for it. In cliffhanger form. Now I really want to know how she is going to take that ending and continue it in the next book.

Mulan: Name a book featuring war or battle.

His fair assassin by Robin LaFevers. Love how’s there’s war, battles, backstabbing and of course assassination. These books are so much fun and I really need to read the last book to know how it wrapped up.

Tiana: Name a book featuring a hardworking, self-made character.

The Madman’s Daughter by Megan Shepherd. Juliet Moreau has lost everything and has to live with a bad family rep. So now Juliet has to survive in London by herself.

Rapunzel: Name a book featuring an artist.

Fall with Me by Jennifer L. Armentrout. Roxanne is a painter who also works at a bar. Plus me wishing that I had her confidence and talent in painting.

Merida: Name a book with a mother- daughter relationship.

Wings by Aprilynne Pike Laurel and her mother are really close and though Laurel is different plus not her own. Her mother really loves her.

Ana and Elsa: Name a book that features a great relationship between siblings.

Doon by Casey Corp and Lorie Langdon Mackenna and Veronica are technology not blood but love each other like they do. They made Doon for me more than the romance and I think them for it.

So this is me and which books go with each question. I need to find more tags because they are fun. Even though they do give me some stressful moments. Thanks for reading until tomorrow.