REVIEW: Fall With Me by J. Lynn

Series: Wait for Me #4

Page Count: 389

Published: March 31, 2015 by Avon

Genre: new adult

Format: kindle e-book

Rating: 4


Bartender Roxy has been in love with Reece since she was 15. Except when a  misunderstanding that happened eleven months ago over a one night stand ruined everything. Now Reece wants to start fresh and not just friends, but for something else that Roxy may not be ready for. Also while Roxy is figuring out her feelings there’s a mad stalker guy who is doing weird things in her apartment.

I went back and forth over the rating for the fact that I really enjoyed some of it, however some of I did not. It may also not help that I started this book and got halfway before I realized that its a fourth book in the series. It didn’t help that I never went on goodreads to check just started reading. Although I believe all the books are just companions and don’t have to be read in order, you just get the characters from the other books without background.

Plus sides of these book is the humor is on point. I really love Katie the stripper best friend she’s supposed to have psych powers thanks to a pole accident. I just love how blunt she is and told  Roxy to use her lady balls when involving her feelings toward Reece. You never really was supposed to take her seriously, but grew to love her anyway. Own book please and thank you. Also I want the shirts that Roxy wore in the book she had those cool saying ones that made people ask questions. For example Hufflepuff does it better how can know one not want to rock a shirt like that just for the comments. Good or bad.

The negative is that there was predictable moments. Like when the whole stalker was revealed I was like KNEW IT! Side note that whole part of Roxy finding him out was dumb. I mean come on she even says it was like something in a horror movie, and yet she did it. Without her cellphone. How does that not seem like a bad idea. Okay end of rant before spoilers happen.

Anyway the characters were meh to me. Like I said I enjoyed Katie for her humor and bluntness. Also later on the book we were  introduced to Jacob who I fell in love with just by introduction..

IMG_2881love this. Now the others I need to read the others to really get to know them so on to the main characters. They are not my favorite. Reece was to damn perfect character with good humor. He is the boy next door who there when needed. He was always sweet to Roxy and told her how it is when she was acting dumb. And let me tell you she had plenty of those. Am glad to see they worked out the realtionship like most should be and was more real.

I can’t wait to read the other books to get to know everyone else and just stay in these world for a little bit longer.