Friday Read

Am going to try to finish Destined for Doon if i can make through the feeling ahead of me. Duncan has been my favorite character since the first book. However to see him heartbroken, angry, and so different from before hurts. 

So am going to really try to read as much of these before Sunday. Since Topple Tome starts that day and really want to start on The Ask and the Answer. However I don’t know how much I’ll get done since I sleep during the day and work at night for 6 hours. 

If interested in my process check either my goodreads or Twitter. Because I will be ranting on both since the feelings are real. Hope everyone has a good weekend. 

Current page count: 78 

Friday Reads

Okay here’s my game plan these weekend will be all about getting as reading as much of  Winter as I can. Because during the week I’ll be participating in RYBSAT and am going contemporary. 

Anyone else still reading Winter? I feel like am the only one who haven’t finished it. 

Also anyone else participating in RYBSAT starting the 19? Let me know and which books you choose for it. 

Thanks for viewing 🙂

Other than Working this Weekend…

This weekend am going to be trying to finish up so of my current reads. It has grown a lot that which makes no fun. 

Almost finished probably will before I go to sleep.   
Haven’t picked up this  book in a while so am excited to find out the last part of the story.  
I loved Doon when I first picked it up. Then I put it down and haven’t picked it up since. 

So The Edge of Never, Daughter of Smoke and Bone, and Doon are three books  I’ve been really wanting to get finish. So the goal is to finish these off so I can get to the other ones. Wish me luck. 

FRIDAY READ: Crash Trilogy by Nicole Williams

Am currently in a contemporary kick apparently and Crash, Clash, and Crush is a trilogy that’s been on my shelf forever. So I decided its time to see what these books are about and if they will be staying on my shelf.  So that’s what I’ll be doing this weekend when am not working.

If you don’t know about this trilogy its about a good girl named Lucy Larson meets bad boy Jude Ryder. Two teenagers named after Beetle song trying to get through high school, family, and Jude’s mood swings.

Am currently on the first book Crash and am enjoying the book so far and will be continuing on.So that is my current and weekend reads. thanks for looking and keep reading. 🙂

Listening Friday

I have 3hrs and 43mins left of Conspiracy Death by J.D. Robb and excited to see how this will end. I have come to realize that I have to read/listen a couple of books per month. I don’t know why but am having to much fun with it to stop.


Okay so someone is after Eve’s badge that had to do with the medical field, and dead bodies with missing insides. It is fun and sad to see Eve struggle as a officer who apparently have a grudge on her put a dot on her reputation. However it was great to see that others who worked at cop central didn’t believe it and was willing to help. I need to finish this and as am typing this you best believe am listening in. Yeah to multitasking.

weekend reads

Since I totally forgot about Friday’s read I’ll be doing a weekend instead. So right now am currently reading Vengeance in Death book 6 in the In Death series. Thanks you Overdrive for actual having the next book. Am almost done and loving this book so much. We’re getting more of Roarke’s past and seeing how Eve handles it. This has to be the most they have fought and I love it.

When I finish this which well be sometime today am hoping the next book Holiday in Death is on Overdrive. What can I say I can’t get enough of this series. If it don’t I have a few (6) library books to get through. Especially Her Dark Curiosity by Megan Shepherd which I’ve been trying to read for almost two weeks.

IMG_2900 vegeance in death Holiday in death

So other than working all weekend this is my reading plan when am not working or sleeping. Hope everyone have a good weekend. And let me know what your reading. 🙂

Friday Read

Am totally loving the In Death series right now and have made my way to the third book Immortal in Death. This one is a little more personal to Eve for the fact it involves her best friend. So trying to stay nutrella and trying to clear her friends innocent. While planning her wedding. 😊

Am half way done and I’ll most likely finish tonight if I get a lot of it done before work. Happy Friday everyone. 

Friday Reads

I’ll actual have two books am reading this weekend. One is finishing Defiance by C.J. Redwine since I only have 64 pages left. Then am starting my book for the Read Your Bookshelf A Thon aka RYBSAT. Starting with TAKEN by Erin Bowman which is a book about a boy name Gray Weathersby who wants to escape the Heist which makes boys who turn eighteen disappear  so he does something no else dares to do and that escape over the wall. 11044367

Am excited to finishing Defiance because its really good and action based, and Taken is something I’ve been looking forward to since I’ve first heard of it. I can’t wait for the weekend though I should finish Defiance before work tonight. Then spend of the weekend reading TAKEN.

Have a good weekend and happy reading 🙂

Friday Reads: The Rithmatist by Brandon Sanderson

I have a physical hardback however I more listening to it thanks to audible. Am currently listen to this as I write this, and 38% done with it. And my thoughts so far is that I like the mystery that’s happening, but not so much the rest of the book. It’s not that I don’t like The Rithmatist am just confused that’s all. I’ll be finishing this book  hopefully sometimes today (fingers crossed) then I’ll have the struggle to find my next book.

Hope everyone has a good weekend and read a plenty. Me I’ll be lucky to get reading doing for i have to work, but that were audible can hopefully be handy.

until next time happy reading 🙂