MAYBE SOMEDAY by Colleen Hoover

Format: paperback

Publisher: Atria Paperback

Page Count: 367

Rating: 4/5

SUMMARY: This is a story about music and how it helped heal a girl with a broken heart and a boy with writer block. However as the music helped bring this two people together it also brought something to the table that neither wants to label or think about. 

Okay so this is told in two POV’s. First there is Sydney who on her 22nd birthday found out that her best friend and boyfriend have been sleeping together.  So she left the apartment to end up with our second point of view Ridge. Who turns out to be a deaf music writer whose in the middle of major writers block. However with Sydney’s brilliant song writing talents they make beautiful music together. And of course something more.

Except for the fact that Ridge has had a girlfriend for the past 5 years.


I enjoyed reading Ridge’s character he is a loyal friend and boyfriend. Who takes his deafness into the fullness and doesn’t downplay it. And his brother and best friend Warren treats him like  a regular guy. Loved this. Also I loved watching the prank wars between the roommates in the apartment. The music element was cool to read about. How Ridge can write music and know the cords and pitches a song needs to be. It’s a great example of how a character overcome a disability to do what he’s good at.

I Disliked…

Sydney at moments. For example during the prank war she’s a beginner however she tries. Also I like when Sydney’s being sarcastic it comes naturally to her which makes it more fun. But damn can this girl cry. Ever other page she has tears in her eyes or she is crying into her hands. I get that she had it shitty in the beginning however she just kept putting herself in that situation. Plus for someone who didn’t want be a Tori or a Hunter she didn’t exactly fight it.

Something I also didn’t get was the fact that they were so open with each other. However than why the hell did it took so long for Sydney to move out. Am sorry after that first kiss Ridge should have told Sydney that she needed to leave. Or Sydney needed to do it herself. Instead they try to be less attracted to each other by listing flaws. Am just saying the moving out should have been sooner than it actual was.

Maybe Someday is a really cute contemporary  that am glad I got to and going to be getting Maybe Not to see things from Warrens Point of View. And I’ll be continuing on the Colleen Hoover train so toot toot.