Cram-A-Thon: Anyone Joining in?

It’s happening this weekend from the 10th to the 13th, and the point is to read short books in those three days. However I cram all the books I’ve been currently reading during the week. So these weekend am sticking to books that am slowly getting through. Since I have a couple more days before the cram a thon happens am not making a list. But if you follow me on Twitter you’ll see what I’ll be reading.

So is anyone up for a mini read-a-thon let me know in the comments below and what books you’ll try and get through. Until next time everyone keep reading.  🙂

#TBRtakedown Wrap Up

So this is what I been up to. Shannon of Leaning lights from YouTube had a read-a-thon from the 1st to 7th in June called TBRtakedown. There was challenges however I decide to read some of my forever current reads instead. So this is my process over the week.

Day 1:

Books:Throne of Glass

Total pages read: 204

Day 2:

Books: Throne of Glass

Pages read: 89

Total page count: 293

Day 3:

Books: Throne of Glass, The Summer I Turned Pretty

Pages read:301

Books finished: Throne of Glass, The Summer I Turned Pretty

Day 4:

Books: Hopeless

Pages read: 438

Books finished: Hopeless

Day 5:

Book: Her Dark Curiosity

Pages read: 96

Total count: 534

Day 6:

Books: Ceremony in Death, Her Dark Curiosity, An Ember in the Ashes, Its not summer without you

Pages read: 58

total count: 592

Day 7:

Book: Her Dark Curiosity

Pages read: 8

Total count: 584

So as you can see I did pretty good reading in a week with three books done with. I started some that now will be on current reads, but hopefully I can finish them off soon. Especially Her Dark Curiosity by Megan Shephard. Fingers crossed. Did anyone else participate? if so let me know how you did. Until next time happy reading. 🙂