Reader Confessions Tag

Decided to do a tag since I don’t do this often enough I know. So here’s some reader confessions for me to own up to.

Created by: Bookish Cinders

  1. Have you ever damaged your own books? Of course I have I’ve been reading since I was young so that’s not even a question.
  2. Ever damaged a borrowed book? Maybe when I was younger but I don’t exactly remember. I did in high school damage my friends magazine once, but that’s because she cut my book. So it was an eye for an eye type of thing.
  3. How long does it take to read a book? It varies with City of Bones by Cassandra Clare it took me 5 months, but recently I’ve been finishing them in a couple days.
  4. Books that you haven’t finished? I have currently have 5+ that I have put down and have not finished.
  5. Popular books you don’t like? I haven’t read this series but because the fact that’s its so popular had me not want to read them. I’ve mentioned this before and will again that’s its the Hunger Games.
  6. Classics you didn’t enjoy? Catcher in the Rye it was a very confusing book and I just couldn’t get it.
  7. Books you brought just for the intellectualness? Nope I don’t care for intellectual reading I rather just read for the fun of it.
  8. Any books you haven’t given back? Yes but the reason being I haven’t read them yet. There the last two books in the Percy Jackson series, and good thing the person I burrowed them from is a good friend.

So yeah here the tag and thanks for sticking to the end of my rambling confessions. I need to do more of these because its fun to do these. So until next time keep reading. 🙂