The Royal Court Book Tag

King: favorite male character. Tucker from the Unearthly series. I don’t know why but I loved his in this series. I think its more to do with his country boy charm then anything else.

Queen: favorite female character. Yelena from the Study series. She is really smart and enjoy to learn what she can.

1st Prince: the most loyal character. Kenji from the Shatter Me series. He was loyal to the Omega Point and to his training Juliette.  

2nd Prince: the most laid back character. McNab from the In Death series. He is pretty laid back in everything he does and what he wears.   

Head Strong Princess: a head strong female character. Jamie from The Bride. Love this book for the fact that she is headstrong and that Alec is as well.  

Kings Advistor: the most trustworthy character. Summerset from the In Death series. He has to be though with all that Roake has in that mansion of his.

Duke and duchess: favorite OTP. Roake and Eve from the In Death series. Love them as a couple and probably always will

Lady in Waiting: best supporting character. Sam from the Newsouls series. He is a rock to Ann and she really need one being the only newsoul. All that drama.

Secret traitor: the least trustworthy character. Peter from the Divergent series. He has to be the most two faced person ever. I really dislike him and wouldn’t mind if he dies.

Court wizard: a magical character. Tessa from the Infernal Device series. She can turn into people when touching one of there items. I call that magical.

Royal fool: most funny character. Roar from Under the Never Sky series. Even though the world in which these books are based he can always tries to make it not so bad.  

Gossip lady maid: character known to spread rumors. Mia from the vampire academy. She is a total rumor junkie in the first book.

Handsome servant: character most likely to seduce a lady. Elliot before Kate from 50 Shades. He was a love them then leave them kind of guy.