The Versatile Blogger

I was nominated by Husband & HusbandΒ and all I can say is thank you, because even though I’ve been on wordpress for a year. It wasn’t until recent that I’ve taken it more seriously. Now I’ve been doing better at planning out my post, and scheduling ahead of time. So thanks Aaron and Jonathon for noticing.

So now 7 facts about me.

1- I rather be in my room then actual socialize.

2-I’ve always been single.

3- I spend all my money on books, and groceries for the family.

4- I love to sing random songs at random times.

5-I can be a very loud and crazy person.

6- I work fast food five times a week.

7- Of all the books I’ve read I’ve only read the 3rd and last book of Harry Potter.

So I know this isn’t the most exciting list every, but it is what I got. Now the people I tag *sorry if you’ve already done this you don’t have to.*


Melanie from (YA Midnight Reads)-


Alise (Reader in Wonderland)

happy weekend and read a good book πŸ™‚