Friday/Weekend Reads

The Answer and the Answer by Patrick Ness because I really want to finish this on or before Sunday. This is a 519 page book and am reading it in three different formats so I should be able to finish. She says with really high hopes. I really loved this book and I have 152 pages left and plenty of interest to continue. However life itself where I sleep during the day and work at night. Which doesn’t help with my reading, but I will get through it come Sunday. Its time for war and my favorite two people Viola and Todd are right in the middle of it on each side.

Ugh these two have been separated pretty much the whole book, and I need them to be able to talk and not just think what they do.


Friday Read

Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson

The funny thing about this book is that I probably could have finished it in one day. However I needed a break from it because it is getting real. I only have an hour left and I know am going to get emotionally.

So I will be finishing this book one way or another just an hour then I’ll be caught up on my Morgan Matson books until the new one.


Friday Reads 

Sticking with the In Death by J.D. Robb for the time being. Am actual almost caught up so I believe I can get three more done. 

#39 #40 #41


Am currently reading Concealed in Death which is a cold case that goes back 15 years with 12 bodies of young girls. 

So this weekend I’ll be having a audible book party of the in death series. #havenolife

Okay so this Weekend…

I don’t know what am doing. I want say I’ll be reading but I’ve been saying that all week. I’ve only been through like 100 pages in I’ve Got Your Number and that’s it. And that was in the beginning of the week. 

I don’t believe it’s a slump I just haven’t been in the mood. Which is sad for my goal to reach 100 books. However on goodreads as of yesterday am on track so yeah. I guess. 

What I have been doing during the week is blogging everyday which is great for me. Plus I’ve some what orginize ebooks. Which is a way to big TBR. Not done with orginizing it just yet however I made process during the week. 

Also I’ve been in more into watching walkthroughs for video games that I may get. Also just YouTube as a whole. 

So yeah I’ve been really lazy and not reading or doing anything but work. I think it helps that my lack of sleep is hurting me since am always tired. 

So done with the rambling of a sleep deprived, YouTube  watching and being striaght lazy. 

Questions: Anyone have plans for the weekend?

Friday Reads

Okay here’s my game plan these weekend will be all about getting as reading as much of  Winter as I can. Because during the week I’ll be participating in RYBSAT and am going contemporary. 

Anyone else still reading Winter? I feel like am the only one who haven’t finished it. 

Also anyone else participating in RYBSAT starting the 19? Let me know and which books you choose for it. 

Thanks for viewing 🙂

Weekend Reads

This weekend am going to be super lazy so why not get some reading done. So without further ado…

First up is Passenger by Alexandra Bracken am currently 81% done and should be finished with it (hopefully) later today. I have been slowly reading this since it came out and can’t wait to see how Bracken wraps it up.

 So on Saturday through Sunday I want to finish up Winter by Marissa Meyer which am currently 22% pages in.  I got to part two of the book when Winter first came out and put it down. Now its time to continue it before Stars Above comes out.

I’ll be doing a duel reading and listening act with the both of these so I can do other lazy things while enjoying the stories. Any one else binge reading these weekend?

Other than Working this Weekend…

This weekend am going to be trying to finish up so of my current reads. It has grown a lot that which makes no fun. 

Almost finished probably will before I go to sleep.   
Haven’t picked up this  book in a while so am excited to find out the last part of the story.  
I loved Doon when I first picked it up. Then I put it down and haven’t picked it up since. 

So The Edge of Never, Daughter of Smoke and Bone, and Doon are three books  I’ve been really wanting to get finish. So the goal is to finish these off so I can get to the other ones. Wish me luck. 

So This Weekend Am….

TBR piles are a funny thing. Especially since there are so many formats to read and buy books from. It can be very addicting if not watched. My TBR has grown in physical, e-books, and even audible which makes me seem a little crazed. However how can you pass up a book for 2.99 or less even though you know you wont be reading it anytime soon. Or the fact that I may already have that book in another format. Plus I love Book Outlet and Amazon Marketplace for my book deals. So this weekend am going to take all my papers for my TBR, and organize it with sheet documents. Its going to take the weekend and possible later in the week. It should be fun (major sarcasm) lucky enough I have nothing else to do this weekend. So wish me luck on this adventure of trying to get my TBR organized.

Just as a side note I have:




And that doesn’t even include the ones I have in other formats. YEAH ME!!!