weekend reads

Since I totally forgot about Friday’s read I’ll be doing a weekend instead. So right now am currently reading Vengeance in Death book 6 in the In Death series. Thanks you Overdrive for actual having the next book. Am almost done and loving this book so much. We’re getting more of Roarke’s past and seeing how Eve handles it. This has to be the most they have fought and I love it.

When I finish this which well be sometime today am hoping the next book Holiday in Death is on Overdrive. What can I say I can’t get enough of this series. If it don’t I have a few (6) library books to get through. Especially Her Dark Curiosity by Megan Shepherd which I’ve been trying to read for almost two weeks.

IMG_2900 vegeance in death Holiday in death

So other than working all weekend this is my reading plan when am not working or sleeping. Hope everyone have a good weekend. And let me know what your reading. 🙂